Online shopping seven days return rejected back end Coordination Council

Nanfang Daily (reporter / Liu Muhua) City Council announced in March 16th last year, several major areas of the typical consumer case, remind consumers to learn a lesson, if you encounter similar consumer disputes, we should choose the appropriate way to solve.

– a case of online shopping goods return striking one snag after another

Miss Fan in October 21, 2014 by to buy Xinqi’er special bags to pull a square box, the value of 252 yuan. The shop is a physical address Chudo Zhen Dong Bo City Road 6. In October 25th last year after the receipt of the goods, the complainant found the box of the quality is not good, immediately contact the merchant to return, businesses agreed, so the complainant in October 28th will pull the box returned to the merchant, but business in November 4th after receipt of the goods in the case have been torn the outer membrane, the wheels are also signs of damage on the grounds, refused to return. The complainant complained to the city council Hall branch, request coordination to deal with the problem.

received consumer complaints, the city council Hall branch personnel complained to both a detailed understanding of the complaints and appeals. Party Qier special bags square was offered and the person in charge of complaints to miss fan negotiation. The two sides finally reached a settlement, agreed to return, but charged 50 yuan as damage compensation, refund the remaining 202 yuan fee to miss fan.

Deng Yunlong lawyers pointed out that since March 15, 2014 formally implemented the "consumer protection law" twenty-fifth stipulates: "operators sell commodities on the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, consumers have the right to return within seven days from the date of receipt of goods, and without justification." Therefore, the grounds of defense by the complainant can not be established, there is no legal basis.

– case two car runs 5000 kilometers chassis rust

City Council said, Miss Lin in October 22, 2014 in Liaobu the German cars center to buy a Porsche car Cayenne, driving 5000 kilometers in car maintenance that automobile chassis rust phenomenon. Miss Lin asked the German luxury car dealers center car back to the city council rejected the Liaobu branch complaints.

so, the City Council Liaobu branch invited the Dongguan auto industry maintenance association to assist in the investigation of mediation. The survey found that the chassis is due to rust rust preventive measures are not taken, does not belong to the quality of the vehicle, therefore, the car failed to reach the provisions of the three packs of the car back conditions. But the city council said, because the operator does not understand the preventive measures to inform consumers, should bear the corresponding liability.

after several days of patient mediation, Liaobu Germany agreed to compensate 30 thousand yuan to the car center for Miss Lin car maintenance costs and delays cost, both sides reached a settlement misunderstanding.

company as a professional organization, on vehicle performance, their sale problems and advantages of existing than the average consumer is more clear." Guangdong wojin lawyer Deng Yunlong pointed out that in the sale of the car.


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