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July 16, 2008, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) officially launched in Beijing "by China towards the world China domain of global escalation", to guide users to achieve smooth ". Chinese era upgrade. Leaders from the relevant departments attended the action conference. The Chinese domain name global upgrade action is in China will soon enter the global Internet in the context of 09 years.

main content of "Chinese domain global escalation of action" is to "China." domain name into the global root domain name system, all the "Chinese.CN" domain names registered users will automatically receive the corresponding "Chinese. China" domain name, user does not need to separately apply for registration; in the "China." into the global domain name the root domain name system, all automatic "Chinese. Chinese" domain name, will be synchronized to upgrade to "Chinese domain" global root domain name system registry, to achieve global Internet access.

For example, the Peking University

registered "Peking University.Cn" will automatically receive "Peking University. Chinese", in the China domain after the official opening, the domain will write "upgrade China domain name" global root domain name system registry, become a "Chinese domain name" the world’s first registered users. By then, the Internet users in the browser input, Peking University, China, as now enter the Peking University.CN or, you can visit the website of Peking University.

for non English speaking countries, Internet users in the country because of the inconvenience of language use, to the wider application of the Internet has brought a significant constraint. "Chinese domain" because you can use the Chinese name as the site of enterprises, in line with Chinese language habits, can meet to promote global Chinese brands and fast access to information needs, help enterprises to better participate in the competition on the internet.

China domain name system announcement, "China" is the Chinese top-level domain name on the global internet. According to the latest Internet name and Number Distribution Agency (ICANN) meeting resolution, in 2009, China will be written into the global root domain name system, which can be accessed directly by global Internet users. The Chinese domain name global upgrade action, all Chinese.CN registered users automatically get the corresponding Chinese Chinese domain name, is the first time in the world.

at present, all the major browsers have support "Chinese.CN" domain names "to be directly resolved, China." into the global root domain name system, Chinese country code top-level domain ". Chinese" also can enter the website directly in the browser, which means that, as long as the users directly in the browser address bar enter "Changhong. Chinese" or "faw. China can reach the corresponding enterprise website.

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