Taking advantage of traditional enterprise B2C was founded 1 years turnover of billions of dollars

China in December 14th as a general trading company, established only 1 years sales of billions of dollars is obviously a distant goal, but in the use of electronic commerce second wave force, Amdo trading company has done this point. Recently in an interview with the China, the company’s music network executives disclosed for the first time in 2010 the strategic direction and performance targets, target billion yuan turnover.

music website B2C franchise business Amdo business under second, is the value of the spring, e-commerce industry in recent years since May 2009, has always been to the agricultural products trade as the main business of the company, quickly set up their own B2C site, and hired a number of familiar with the Internet industry executives from the industry as the music by Wang Jiyan, general manager of the network.

Wang Jiyan told the China business in the past, Amdo main sales way is to use the traditional direct sales, mainly rely on the phone to sweep the floor, do direct line. Founded more than two years, has accumulated a large number of resources, including Xinjiang and Hetian Jade Jujube Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang and other cities exclusive agent, turnover of more than 50 million.

"in the development of the company, we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the new sales model, consider the problem of trade become Amdo to open up new sales model. With the rapid rise of the Internet in China, using the Internet without marginal rapid development to enable enterprises to quickly update the sales model has become an inevitable development, transform Amdo sales model finally, we chose the road of e-commerce, through the network platform to tell, continue to expand and develop green agricultural products the way forward, May 11, 2009 music network formally on the line."

in fact, without any high-profile publicity, music network established trade half a year has reached tens of millions of dollars, according to Wang Jiyan said the next year if no accident, music sales network will reach billion level, the move in the same site and not to see. At present, the music network has a direct order and procurement functions, the future of more business models are also considered.

in accordance with the strategic planning of Wang Jiyan, the future music network will become a professional construction of electronic business platform sales of high-quality green agricultural products, the long run may even become the largest food Chinese e-commerce portal.


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