B2C is a single price competition means shopping fear into the business of black hole

in recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce, according to iResearch data show that in the first quarter of 2010, China’s online shopping market transactions exceeded 100 billion yuan, reaching 102 billion 690 million yuan, an increase of 119.4%. According to industry experts predict that in the next two to five years, will show a spurt of development of electronic commerce industry. Why is the electronic commerce market so hot price war is an important factor that can not be ignored, low prices attracted many consumers of all ages. Jingdong mall continues to emphasize the low price strategy, we will achieve the ultimate price, signs of a growing number of e-commerce sites in order to seize the market price to the user have force.

price shopping is the only way of e-commerce enterprise competition? China e-commerce e-commerce research center analyst Fang Yingzhi said: "the early development of e-commerce enterprises, to seize the user market is important, but to explore a sustainable profit model, suitable for their own road, so that their healthy development is more important." Low price does not apply to all enterprises, only to find their own is the best.

for the low price competition, a domestic senior electricity supplier practitioners feel that "not only the field of electronic commerce is the case, the same in other areas, such as mobile phone Chinese, a bloody price down, whether it is lost or fighter bombers, deserve the initiative. There are familiar with the Sanlu milk powder, was due to cheap consumers by the end, the last to eat melamine, we began to spend 10 times the price to buy imported milk powder abroad. These vivid examples tell us that the price war can only be questioned by the market, and ultimately to the black hole." A foreign expert at a forum, said: "at present there are many China enterprises are using the price war to enhance the user viscosity, especially the electronic commerce enterprise, competition way too single, only stay in the stage of the price war, and the importance of the quality of goods, logistics, services to enhance competitiveness the."

creative Home Furnishing first brand fun network CEO Zhou believes that "B2C electronic commerce industry, the goods is king, service is fundamental." It is reported that in the guarantee of goods 100% is based on genuine, they seize the needs of users, for a different theme each day to launch a low-priced goods. Service, fun to play network was first proposed 30 days unconditional return in the industry, and express return home. On the packaging, the use of a higher cost of built-in air pillow, to ensure that the goods intact, with the well-known domestic B2C sites, they also implemented more than and 800 cities to pay cash and support customers in front of unpacking inspection.

it is understood that the fun network also pioneered the micro-blog marketing, using the unique interaction patterns, really interact with consumers, make it in a short period of time in different micro-blog platform has a total of more than 150000 fans. This brings fun to play a huge network of brand effect and economic benefits associated with.

price war is a bottomless pit, only the electronic commerce to the black hole. By price war


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