How can we have a large e-commerce in rural areas

in this year’s national "two sessions", the first proposal on rural e-commerce, and sparked a heated debate on behalf of members. National People’s Congress, Chen Zhenlian, deputy director of the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Congress is the e-commerce will be seen as a recipe for farmers to achieve in situ urbanization.

data from Taobao show that from 2010 to 2012 Taobao (including Tmall) agricultural trading volume increased by four times. At the same time of rapid development of rural e-commerce facing what problem? Farmers, electricity providers and government as an integral part of rural e-commerce, what should be done for its development? How to make e-commerce in rural areas have a brilliant future of


farmer: manipulator

"to tell the truth, I have been to Beijing, Hangzhou, the big city, where people in work, the outside world is good, but returned to the countryside does not necessarily have no way out, Taobao store sales mountain bamboo soil egg to Beijing Daily reporter Andy Lau said. In contact with reporters to engage in online sales of agricultural products farmers, almost all have the same feeling with Andy Lau.

reporter learned that Andy Lau’s shop in a year has reached the five diamond level, the baby and the description of the match has a score of 4.8, higher than the industry average of about 12.33%.

only junior middle school education level in Longnan City, Gansu Huixian, Mr. Wu, also have a store in Taobao, but his shop was not well run Andy Lau. Shop for nearly four years but only four drill, and from the point of view of product details, regardless of the number of pictures or descriptions are not comprehensive enough, "I hope who can teach me how to make the page look better, it’s not as if I sell things in the market, selling on the Internet really have to learn some knowledge it".

break through the bottleneck of cultural quality

in fact, like Mr. Wu hopes to break through the bottleneck of cultural quality of rural e-commerce practitioners are few, or in the rural areas because of the problem of education has a lot of rich farmers.

in this regard, Chen Zhenlian made it clear to the Beijing Daily reporter said, "in the process of farmers engaged in e-commerce will encounter many bottlenecks, such as his education, he is familiar with the technical operation of the electronic commerce, the degree", these skills are progressive and need to fully grasp, farmers use astepping-stone to success of electronic commerce rich.

this is published in the 2012 Alibaba Research Institute of e-commerce in agricultural products was also mentioned in the white paper, Alibaba pointed out that farmers’ management ability and learning conditions need to be upgraded. The current agricultural products network are mostly in the family or individual main form, shop level is low, lack of management capacity, lack of learning conditions. It is suggested that the national and social organizations should carry out the free technical training for farmers and accelerate the development of e-commerce in China’s rural areas.

"in addition to improving the ability of farmers to obtain information on the Internet, I think he should have a very clear grasp of their integrity


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