The Taobao open pre-sale a full participation in the quality control of pig partner

from the taste of home, began at the source of peace of mind. In October 12th, Taobao will open the pre-sale "rural Alibaba a pig", which are a large number of black Zhumiao farmers at home, and according to the traditional way of indigenous farming, on the eve of the Spring Festival after the slaughter of segmentation distribution to consumers.


as the uplink channel for the first time to try, "a pig" the whole project quality control traceability from rural Taobao partners, to ensure that the piglet growth information update to the consumer, but also for the first time all Zhumiao the insurance, if the seller cannot delivery orders such as the annual yield of up to 8%.

2499 yuan to subscribe for the whole pig

The "

a pig" mainly from Anhui Shucheng, Jiangxi Zhumiao Jinxian, Heilongjiang Mingshui three. Taking Shucheng as an example, in the "eleven" before the National Day holiday, the local rural Taobao partner through the mobilization, from door to door screening, final confirmation of over 3000 Head of the earth to participate in the "big black pig pig sale.

according to the plan, these pigs will be in accordance with the whole pig or persons with subscription by way of subscription sale, a whole pig subscription fee is 2499 yuan, after the completion of the subscription Zhumiao will remain in rural households on behalf of feeding, and to ensure that during the Spring Festival before the delivery of each pig is not less than 140 pounds; if the merger the final subscription, about 24.8 yuan per kilogram of pork.

traceability information readily available

after the end of the sale, how to let the master of the city master the status of pigs in rural Taobao partner will play an important role.

in fact, the need for national standard of quarantine, each Zhumiao have played similar pig ear tag, ID card, and will serve as a basis for follow-up tracing. In the future, the partnership will also regularly every month to collect the farmers live in the home dynamic, unified upload to the rural Taobao background. The city pig owners, as long as the open countryside Taobao page, in order to find the entrance page information ", click on the go will be able to view the latest information in real time, including the basic introduction of farmers and rural Taobao partners, including pigs per month growth dynamic, photos etc..

in addition, in order to ensure the quality, adding "big pig pig" Project seedlings are local governments need to provide authorization and guarantee, and submit the inspection and quarantine report on delivery. Just a pig "according to the person in charge of a pig" project introduction, Taobao hopes to rural agricultural products quality safety upward, stimulating the development of the rural economy, and promote farmers’ direct supply, order agriculture concept, but agricultural production there are many uncertain factors, so for the first time to sell Zhumiao all the insurance. Then if Zhumiao failed to survive can get insurance claims.

so for consumers, to buy more than just a native assured pig, also including the return to pastoral life experience, for example, can invite 35 friends to rural pig, Spring Festival before the Spring Festival to experience rural pig food at work in my spare time, but also the equivalent of buying a new financial product, and high yield >


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