Mobile electricity supplier temptation giant get together WeChat detonated imagination


Tencent technology Liang Chen reported on November 11th

in 2012, many electricity providers giant flame at the PC end is different, some in this year during the double 11 of them, the WeChat platform way into mobile terminal. This trend comes from the WeChat 5 line, in this version, WeChat launched a payment function, the establishment of business model around the WeChat platform as possible, mobile providers ready. Currently a total of three electricity providers access to the platform, including the number 1 shop, easy fast network and dangdang.

Among them,

is more than 11 days before the announcement of the news. Dangdang reply Tencent technology, said the opening of WeChat payment is an exploration of the mobile Internet, mobile traffic will be the focus of future competition for electricity providers. In addition, Dangdang has also said that its fancy is more than 600 million of the installed capacity of WeChat, which has obvious advantages in the mobile terminal.

results from the current operation, the 1 store department store vice president Huang Xiaoqiang told Tencent technology, mobile terminal has become the fastest growing channels of the number 1 shop, more than the overall 10%." Shop No. 1 in WeChat access platform, through the sweep into the shop No. 1 users daily more than 20 thousand.

As for the

that belongs to Tencent electricity supplier’s fast and easy network, as of the end of October, the consumer choice of WeChat payment orders amounted to 350 thousand, the amount of orders exceeded billion. In less than three months, WeChat has already accounted for more than the total amount of orders to facilitate fast orders more than 5%, the growth rate is very obvious.

face double 11, easy fast network is not willing to miss this opportunity to bring traffic. Relevant responsible person said, the double 11 easy Xun Wei WeChat store specially created for the mobile phone shopping process, and in the aspects of supply, price concessions, service response to the event to tilt. From its activities to promote the point of view, it is not only the use of WeChat to pay, but also includes WeChat sweep mode.

in fact, Huaping capital advisors Huang Ruo wrote in his "I see" mentioned in the book business, "see now the market of each mobile provider App is only computer terminal reform version, and no real station mode of mobile terminal in the analysis, grasp the user in the mobile to develop new products with different with the computer terminal operation mode with the psychological."

although the book did not give the exact model of the mobile providers, but Huang Ruoceng told the Tencent of science and technology, "WeChat is the one to get the tickets already in the mobile terminal App, with 400 million users, is the most qualified to solve the problem of mobile payment terminal".


solve the payment problems so important? Because it is to solve the problem of PC e-commerce payment terminal, Alipay makes two Alibaba to end PC platform develop so fast. Mobile providers or the existing business forces reshuffle, because of this, the network fast and easy in the double 11.


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