Rural electricity supplier overheating let the bullets fly for a while

what is the rural electricity supplier? Why should the rural electricity supplier? How the current development of rural electricity supplier? The Communist Youth League of Shaanxi provincial agriculture minister Wei Yanan described very clearly. He said that the rural electricity supplier is the flow, the government was forced out of such a good momentum.

Wen / Wei Yanan

since the second half of 2014, the rural electricity supplier has gradually spread, and rare event of world total thermal phenomena, namely on the prime minister, to the county township; to big business, small to ordinary young entrepreneurs; a cross-border Internet companies, there are agricultural enterprises in transition; we have to participate in the rural electricity supplier the idea of the past, often talk about "hot cool" and "hot" cool "obstruction" phenomenon is not the same. So to this, the rural electricity supplier is not worried about overheating will come out. I am from the second half of 2013 began to shout to the rural electricity supplier, in 2014 is to spare no effort, but 2015 is also somewhat worried, worried that some places too, unknown, hasty, eager to do good things hot. Just at this time, Mr. Li Changping poured cold water for rural electricity supplier in the article, because Mr Li Changping has had a letter to the prime minister mark character, his article spread rapidly.


in the first impression of this article is that the rural electricity supplier is to remind appropriate, overheating is not a good thing, too easy to bad, county should engage in business platform, is to build business park, is indeed a problem; but after reading and feeling is not the taste of new things, not a stick killed, or to be objective, calm, tolerant, not from one extreme to another, but not the king look the other way, to discuss the rural electricity supplier into the Rural Endogenous finance.

discussion of rural electricity providers do not, I feel to know what is rural electricity supplier, why should the rural electricity supplier, how the current development of rural electricity supplier, then judged to speak.

deepen understanding of rural electricity supplier, which is a big chess

what is the rural electricity supplier? Now too many related concepts, calling out the electricity supplier of agricultural products, also called the county electricity supplier, also called agricultural electricity providers, and that of agricultural business, somewhat chaotic. Behind these rural electricity supplier concept, and even a basic common sense premise – what is the electricity supplier is not clear.

first of all, the concept of large electricity providers, generalized electricity supplier can be extended to any use of electronic means of business activities; and even if we are discussing today’s special business, can also be all business and service activities is based on Internet, it is not a new industry, but a new path, new method that is now describe the new "General Electric", can bring new impetus to economic and social development. If the electricity supplier is only understood as online trading, is definitely superficial, or simply do not understand the electricity supplier.

secondly, the rural electricity supplier is not just industrial products to the countryside, or agricultural products into the city, including at least the following four parts: first, the agricultural products


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