Beautiful said O2O or enter the capital of attrition.

with Ali to embrace the Tencent, after become a business platform after the beauty that the outbreak of this year is.

is the first officially in February 16th after WeChat access entrance, to 338 million yuan to win the popular variety show "run brothers" in the third quarter of naming rights, followed by Baidu maps and jointly launched the beauty App beauty O2O beauty industry market to enter the meow.

actually, beauty industry O2O A new force suddenly rises. attracted many entrepreneurs, and Internet giants small eyes – Manicure, hairdressing and App with a superb collection of beautiful things of mobile phone software market; 58 home, the U.S. group, public comment, also flocked.

but in a variety of forces have to seize the moment the United States O2O industry market, the United States said it would not be easy to want to share a cup of soup. The first of the 58 into the home, home, beauty group, beaver rely on strong marketing means, has occupied a lot of market share. The 58 city classified information website as subscribers to the accumulation of years but can not be underestimated.

from sharing comments to the electricity supplier, and then to O2O, has been beautiful after a number of large-scale financing, said the ability to stand firm in the fierce battle of O2O capital


capital traction U.S. industry O2O

times weekly reporter found by comparing several beauty industry O2O software, Manicure, makeup, styling, skin care and other content of the United States meow involved with other software "beauty" plate with a high degree of overlap of business. Compared with other competitors, providing beautiful meow private custom blocks have to accompany visiting pick models, fitness private education services, although show certain differences, but overall still greater homogeneity.

in the face of such homogeneous coverage, beautiful meow PR person in charge Wang Chunlong said to the weekly Times reporter, unique beauty meow is that it is not only a pure transaction or service platform.

"We want to

on the platform of" Master "is not only the beauty service personnel, the platform will offer to build a personal brand and establish their own circle of fans opportunities for them, the online integration of communication quality resources under the line." Wang Chunlong explains.

AI media consulting Zhang Yi to die Zeit reporter, said the beautiful time to get involved in O2O is based on the inevitable choice of its online brand accumulation. "The market potential of O2O is still great, but the beauty says more about the competition to be considered. Beautiful meow did something a lot of opponents are doing more of a fight capital."

times weekly reporter learned that, after the beautiful said it has completed the five round of financing, investors, including Tencent, Ji Yuan capital, Sequoia Capital, blue Chi venture capital, venture capital and other well-known industry group. In addition, there is news that the United States said it would be ready for next year in the United States public offering. In this regard, Wang Chunlong said inconvenient to disclose relevant information, but it will be beautiful in the next three years to achieve the market size of one billion yuan.

actually, beauty says only >


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