The promotion of lemon green tea from the electronic magazine

saw a magazine on the download page today in the lemon Green Tea independent mall, see after download the whole electronic magazine, I feel very good, to be honest, the electronic magazine a year ago I contacted was used to upload the article, somewhat similar to the traditional magazine, yourself a watercress group and a special website available for download, at that time did not pay attention to how to promote. Complete with a hobby to make, every month to produce an electronic magazine, upload for download, but I can’t think of a short time gathered crowd is the only magazine launched four or so, did not expect to have gathered a large number of people, users can set up a QQ group is 4 the number of independent website IP more than $800 a day, every day more than 300 downloads, watercress group cannot put traffic flow statistics, and PV is not clear, but the amount of time from the post and reply quantity, is also very good.


electronic magazine, also known as online magazine, interactive magazine. Has entered the third generation, with flash as the main carrier independent of the site. Electronic magazine is a kind of very good media forms, it has both the plane and the Internet in two, and into the text, image, sound, video, games and other dynamic binding to the reader, in addition, there are hyperlinks, timely interaction network elements. It’s a great way to enjoy reading. Electronic magazine scalability strong, the future can be ported to PDA, OBILE, MP4, PSP and TV (digital TV, set-top boxes) and other personal terminals to read. "This paragraph is provided by Baidu encyclopedia"

used to do electronic magazine, is his love of literature, and it is a kind of interactive communication, from this year to promote contact and electronic commerce since, I have always felt that if the electronic magazine can make good use of it, not only can provide traffic, conversion rate for the electricity supplier, and the loyalty of its customers it will greatly improve, imagine, if you are old customers, each month will receive an electronic magazine sent by your company from the mailbox, so I think he is a very original download to look at, but its cost is greatly reduced, the number of people just need a monthly production. And the model can be said to be similar to DM, but reduce the cost, how about, if you have 10 thousand registered users, so you can every month to send your user A DM? Printing costs do not say, but your users are located in mainland China, but the mail is enough for you a headache for some time. But from the current situation of the electronic magazine, now many electronic magazine service providers a lot, but has been charging up, why? Because China situation, piracy! But this for us is a big bright spot, I think you don’t want to charge the electronic magazine, so more piracy on you

is not better?

, however, from the current point of view, the promotion of electronic magazine is more difficult, but for


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