Full peak courier was 200 million stake in the acquisition of Gome failed

operation less than two years of courier dark horse full peak courier, and finally ushered in the three companies Ding capital, Peng Kang capital, Phoenix capital strategic investment.

January 31st, peak express executives confirmed the information to the reporter and said leadingoptics capital, Peng Kang capital, the three parties will jointly Phoenix capital to increase their investment, invested 200 million yuan, but did not disclose their holdings of equity ratio.

for the previously rumored Gome, Tencent to buy the peak equity statement, peak express internal management who told reporters that they had to negotiate, but in the end did not tanlong, and the latter will have business cooperation with the United states.

The United States

.In January 14th

, in fact, the whole peak executives also told reporters that the United States launched a peak and several rounds of negotiations, including the specific amount of investment and the acquisition of equity, even has already drawn up the agreement, the final negotiations this plan in the afternoon signing.

and the domestic express industry insiders told this reporter that, when the two sides did talk about a contract version, the United States 300 million acquisition of its shares of the United States, the United States invested in advance of 100 million, followed by a succession of investment funds. And this investment plan, and finally did not talk about.

according to the executives said at the time, the first half of this year, the United States to investigate the full peak courier for more than half a year, the development mode of full peak courier. The United States owns Gome online, Kuba, courier companies also need to provide good service; moreover, its rival Jingdong, Su Ningdu has received the express license, while the United States also had to develop their own logistics system to. In contrast, peak express business, mainly for small business, general business accounted for about 80%, while online shopping shipments accounted for only 20%, also need to improve the proportion of online shopping express service.

observe full peak courier and the United States business model, China express logistics consulting network chief consultant Xu Yong believes that cooperation is difficult. Full peak mainly concentrated in the following 5 kg courier parcels, the last mile to take the distribution of electric vehicles and other transport modes. While the United States online, coo8 sold mainly for electrical appliances. At present, domestic transport companies mainly use cars to complete the terminal distribution. Of course, the full peak after obtaining funding, its distribution model or will make some adjustments.


executives said, leadingoptics capital, pengkang capital, Phoenix capital and total peak contact earlier, which leadingoptics capital has invested in the Pathfinder and other enterprises, to invest money to share full peak express growth.

dark horse expansion

full peak courier why can win the favor of three investment companies


full peak courier was born in 2010, officially began operations in July 16, 2011, at the beginning of the beginning of the daily operation of express 20 thousand tickets. The full peak courier management sources, after more than a year of development, full peak express courier operations on average 250 thousand to 300 thousand votes.

at present, full peak express delivery center 48>


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