Honey bud refinancing promoting maternal pattern molding industry why Rainbow Night

in 2014, with the model of dividend and cross-border strikes, maternal and child category as "benefit" the largest category, plus when 80 gradually as parents, brought the years go and change the high consumption of newborn infant family China number, maternal overseas purchase market attention surge, it is not difficult to understand the enthusiasm of capital. Start cross-border financing successful news maternal electricity break and ears from 2014 2014, honey bud has two communion in 8000 Wan Meijin, then the record is freaky help $100 million refresh, then honey bud again to $150 million D round of financing to overtake, entered the stage of maternal electricity supplier to victory.

according to public information, in 2015 the mother and child industry related investment and financing projects a total of 130, an average of nearly 11 per month. It can be seen from this figure, the mother and baby industry is still very hot, entrepreneurial sentiment, investors hot money surge. But at the beginning of 2016, capital cold winter fast sweeping, cross-border, maternal areas from honey Amoy, lotus leave into the "thin blue letinous edodes family", until the honey bud at the end of the 10 officially announced the completion of a new round of financing, has more than 1 billion yuan in cash, and has achieved positive cash flow, found that honey bud from 2014 start, has maintained a high speed development, the capital of high fever, why mother met Rainbow Night.


the maternal retail moat practicing internal strength

The essence of

retail is heavy, if from the retail nature do not have the ability to build the core advantage, honey bud from the outset chose self mode heavy, vigorously promote the upstream of the supply chain to control the power, honey bud CEO Liu Nan believes that compared with competitors, "the biggest advantage is its heavy" mode breakthrough.

honey bud just turned 1 years old in March 2015, they can not afford to set off a price war. Liu Nan said that the electricity supplier is a cruel industry, price war is the strength of the electricity supplier in a certain historical stage of the road. The price war of the next 1 years, Japan imported diapers from 180 to 68 to the lowest 36 yuan, honey bud open large-scale price war is in the middle level to the traditional complex distribution model of war, the competition in the stocking capacity at the same time, the use of their own advantages of the supply chain, damaged or unable to take the interests of the other party. "Maternal electricity supplier too hot, the second half of last year, there are more than and 20 projects by investors, and find me for their investment, in fact, the industry has no need to go in, I want to set off a price war to a small game player out." Obviously, Liu Nan out of the strategic considerations behind the price war. From today, the Red Sea baby honey bud sortie performed fast firm, has made a great effect on the surface of the card game player has maternal There is not much left..

in the construction of the supply chain, honey bud skill improve rapidly, brand strategy to achieve cooperation and curiosity, Pampers, king, good brand and selling diapers by Mead Johnson, Danone, Nestle, Wyeth, A2 giant milk, by shortening the supply chain.


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