The formation is not only a lot of ambition team of Jingdong

December 7th, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong on its micro-blog, said it would set up a large fleet of transport, into the trunk and feeder logistics market. Preliminary estimates of fleet size in the 300 car, is bound to speed, punctuality, low cost and service quality in the end! According to Liu Qiangdong reflect this move, since the past 5 years, has been replaced more than and 60 partners, but still can not meet the above requirements and comprehensive, will, rather than personally surgeon, will online ordering and distribution line runs through. If I can in accordance with the requirements of the operation to open, I believe that the user experience must be stepped lifting; but on the other hand, the electronic product sale started a Jingdong in recent years, widely read, the front has been extended repeatedly, accomplished a grand Albert situation. Have multi attack Jingdong, whether already in the market positioning, brand strategy to prepare for


Jingdong "history"

since the beginning of 2004 officially involved in the field of e-commerce, by the year the Internet boom of the East, Jingdong has maintained rapid growth, has been growing for more than 6 consecutive years of more than 200%. Jingdong was the main business of 3C, a high degree of relevance and 3C products and Internet service, so the integration of the two is quite logical, like nature itself slightly in tune.

since entering the market, Jingdong began to expand sales in the young and middle-aged groups to regional cities, universities as the channel to expand the object, the force is very fierce. Because of this age group of electronic products demand is relatively strong; the higher educational level also allows them to master the use of electronic products faster than other age groups; and as a new force is about to enter the society or just entered the community, they are supporting public consumption levels, with purchasing power can not be ignored.


3C domestic sales gross margin has been hovering at a low level, the digital product gross margin of only 3%, the electricity is only 7%, the domestic well-known e-commerce expert China Nobel pointed out, but this does not hinder the Jingdong by virtue of the B2C market take cities and seize territory. According to iResearch statistics released by the Jingdong, has been in the first echelon position in the domestic B2C e-commerce market, according to the third quarter data reflect, Jingdong has to sit tight second place, behind Taobao volume.

high-profile access to the book market, and Dangdang a higher

Jingdong in February 2010 to the market release of the "smoke", "do not get involved in the field of book sales in 5 years. This is about to book the main business of the Amazon, Chinese (old to eat a reassurance. Unexpectedly, in November of the same year, the Jingdong has announced its entry into the high-profile e-commerce market book! Book Mall Jingdong marketing vice president Shi Tao said, the Jingdong will be in the country more than 500 city library support cash on delivery, and provide the selection of books category will be more than 250 thousand kinds. This means that Jingdong official with Dangdang, Amazon China launched a head-on confrontation, all >


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