ntroduction to e-commerce network sales price or heavy weight

I believe that many

e-commerce enterprises will encounter such confusion: low prices, low cost of trial and error accumulation users, the user base is relatively easy, but the return rate is relatively high, the profits are very low; the product quality is good, price is higher, the user cost of trial and error, the courage to try less, the accumulation of user base is difficult however, the return rate is relatively low, relatively high profits. Faced with this dilemma, and how to choose the business enterprise? Network sales price or quality? This paper will be the focus of this analysis, hoping to help Yu Zheng in a dilemma of the business enterprise out of difficulties.

many independent e-commerce sites the current product sources can be divided into two forms:

1, OEM; generally speaking, this kind of OEM business enterprise is to control costs, lower prices, consumer oriented online shopping to cater to the majority of people. Imagine a dress as long as dozens of pieces, styles and good-looking, naturally easy to be accepted by netizens, after all, compared to upscale shopping malls price is concerned, the difference is too much, it’s like a well-known clothing business today, a T-shirt for 29 dollars, even if found quality is not good to buy, the price is really attractive and a lot of people are holding a month even in bad mood but also the value of the purchase. But after the purchase, and physical page as say well, the quality is not very good, resulting in the purchase of a downhearted, no longer produces two times the purchase is a common phenomenon, I always hear some friends around to buy some complain website goods, although the price is cheap, but the quality of work poor, even do not want to wear a dress. To know that consumers are picky, compared to before the purchase price, but after the purchase is the quality of the. Is the so-called penny goods, don’t tell me what the effective control of the cost, but also improve the quality of the product, this is completely impossible, no good cheap goods, is the eternal truth.

comments: for the first time to buy this kind of enterprise to attract many users at a low price, the development speed of the user base is very fast, but the churn rate is more serious, so we need to develop the new users in the development of new users into this block will remain high. This kind of low price strategy is suitable for those who want to accelerate the flow of funds in the early stage, but it is not conducive to the promotion of customer’s post purchase and word of mouth.

2, independent design and production;

independent design and production type business enterprise the most by the traditional manufacturing enterprise restructuring, in price and quality choice, they tend to pay more attention to the quality and workmanship, style, price is the second most important consideration. Due to the quality of workmanship, such enterprises are basically the supplier channel for the international brand OEM production enterprises, exquisite workmanship, material is the advantage of sophisticated. Because willing to under the original capital, the quality of their goods sold and did not have to work really picky, but its price is not low, a T-shirt or shirt of the online shopping price generally is about two hundred or three hundred yuan, the price is that many low income earners flinch, >


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