Domestic electricity supplier capital tightening fear caused by free freight into the past

Following the

, Jingdong Chinese Newegg mall increased the threshold of free shipping, the last one as "the free shipping" large B2C China Amazon yesterday also set free shipping threshold. The industry believes that the various B2C chiefs have to adjust the use of tariff policy disguised price increases, indicating that the domestic electricity supplier is shifting to the healthy development of the brutal competition, the future electricity supplier to improve the free shipping threshold will become the industry trend.

yesterday the Amazon free shipping 29 yuan

Amazon China website announcement, yesterday morning at 7 o’clock from the implementation of the new orders to implement the new distribution fee promotions rules. Purchase more than 29 yuan (including $29) qualified goods, you can enjoy free distribution services. If the amount of substandard goods less than 29 yuan, you need to pay $5 delivery fee."

it is worth noting that, at the same time set free shipping threshold, Amazon China announced yesterday launched the Tianjin operations center to further enhance its strategic layout in North china. Wang Hanhua, President of Amazon China believes warehousing logistics is the key to sustainable development of e-commerce, and revealed that this year we will have a strategic investment in warehousing and logistics".

B2C have to stop logistics price

in fact, this is the end of the year to set up third free shipping threshold of large B2C companies. At the end of November last year, the Jingdong began to store less than 39 yuan order delivery fee charged 5 yuan. Subsequently, China Newegg also announced the implementation of the new logistics policy from December 31st last year, the abolition of the "the free shipping rules, delivery fee charged 4.5 yuan in Beijing, Shanghai and the use of self logistics in the city is less than 99 yuan orders. At that time, new Chinese insiders said, the cost is one of the reasons.

according to the present situation of domestic large-scale logistics distribution B2C e-businessmen have canceled the "free lunch", Chinese logistics and Supply Chain Management Alliance director Huang Gang believes that this business model has been clear said, "in the future, e-commerce industry competition core will be transformed into operational management and technical innovation".

by raising the gross profit margin into a consensus

set up for a number of peers free shipping threshold issue, a number of B2C support. Kuba nets vice president Peng Liang said, "although the Kuba not make policy adjustments to the freight charge, but the electricity supplier is not wrong, the foreign B2C website did not say free shipping".

Analysys International analyst Chen Shou send believes that the electricity supplier is no longer free shipping is a disguised price increases, it can control the low number of orders, so as to raise the price, make each order sharing promotion, reduce operating costs, improve margins through this method.

in fact, as early as 1-2 years ago, the domestic electricity supplier companies no free shipping policy. Some B2C in order to occupy the market as soon as possible, the temptation of free shipping to attract users, forcing other peers to join the queue passively." Chen Shousong explains. He further said, "given the capital, low gross profit and personnel"


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