To test the beauty economy SF Columba interactive video shopping or the biggest gimmick


of heat transfer for the market to return to A shares, Columba interactive A shares, is the controlling shareholder of the company and the company in contact, but there is no conclusive

started to express in SF, the cross-border electricity supplier on the road to go faster. The day before, the "Securities Daily" reporters learned that SF EXPRESS has reached a strategic cooperation with Columba interaction, intends to achieve complementary resources in the business field, the integration of online and offline multi channel operation, promote its diversified strategic layout.

public information display, SF express as a well-known domestic express leader, with strong competitiveness in logistics express, with preferably SF hey off its platform etc.. Columba interactive is the largest video social platform, including eight many to many real-time social video community, as well as a "one to many" community – "Sina show". In July 9th last year, the company listed in Hongkong, china. As of April 23rd, shares closed at HK $5.88.

it is reported that the two sides reached a strategic cooperation, SF EXPRESS will use Columba interaction in PC and mobile terminal traffic advantages, target customer flow to business platform into its accord with its location.

Columba interactive reports show that as of December 31, 2014, 9158 the number of registered users Columba interactive’s has increased to 268 million 500 thousand, the average monthly active users to 30.9% growth rose to 13 million 930 thousand, the quality of the user resources will be the largest flow of SF EXPRESS and Columba interactive online business platform in cooperation.

In addition to

diversion outside, the two sides will be in the micro shop sales model, explore the online distribution mode, distribution of products covering the preferred SF SF self and hey business module. At the same time, the two sides will also be in the beauty and the beauty of micro-blog Columba interactive community resources to form a cohesive force, explore the development of joint marketing business module. SF EXPRESS micro shop business Columba interactive’s based on matching logistics solutions.


and cooperation scheme for leverage with SF beauty health beauty shopping project, let millions of girls become micro media, mobile phone micro store operators," said Columba interactive COO Mak well accept the "Securities Daily" interview with reporters, "we are developing the exclusive WeChat mall and WeChat APP, open the micro business model at present, have been recruited to the agency and open micro shop more than 12 thousand people."

"user group development and structure of the electricity supplier operation is Columba interaction strengths, especially in the micro shop business operation. After the bilateral cooperation, has the practical significance of "interactive Columba’s own industrial chain business seamless, analysts pointed out that certain anonymity.

Before the

and SF to enter the electricity supplier, Columba interactive in mobile medical, line KTV has been frequently lazi. In July last year to Chinese Columba interactive Hongkong listed company, CEO Fu Zhengjun has revealed the "Securities Daily" reporter, one of the business is the future strategic goal of Columba interactive. So far, in the analyst’s view, the day >


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