How much do you know how to operate the product market

give you a business platform, you will bring high sales, you know how to operate the platform. But the strange thing is, why is it so expensive that the sales company is so high that we can’t find anything every day, and we always think that such high sales should make a big profit. In fact, if you do not know the algorithm of gross profit, or in your head there is no concept of gross profit, then you are likely to have been losing money, or see a lot of revenue results.

How many know that

products operating business market gross profit algorithm you? A product that you sell, the cost of 1 yuan, you sell 2 yuan price, it can really make a profit of 1 yuan it? So, operation business market must know the product gross profit method.

Gross margin = said [popular

in electronic commerce (sales price, sales price / cost price) *100%] is that we run a product used and an algorithm is the most simple, usually we can do this calculation, and professional profit formula is: [(main business income business cost) ÷ the main business income margin = ÷ main business income]. Whether it is a popular formula or a professional formula, we have to pay attention to the cost of how much. Only you know how much the cost, you can more accurately launch the sale price. So what is the cost to calculate? Is it just the cost price of a product?

the cost of the general situation we have to consider the following aspects:

1, labor costs: a product to invest how many people to operate. For example, an e-commerce company to sell a product, then the procurement staff, planning staff, marketing staff, shooting staff, sales staff and other sales staff, these are human costs.

2, the tool cost: human input on SAT is not selling the product, then you will need to use some tools, such as computer, telephone and even the strength of the company to purchase the mail propaganda software. With the computer, the computer will then depreciation, depreciation expense is the cost of computer; use the telephone, telephone fee is the cost of investment; by mail propaganda, send out each mail cost is cost so the cost is the cost of marketing tools.

: 3, time cost of a product, after spending a lot of manpower cost and tool cost, long time or sell off, so the cost can not be calculated, so the long time does not sell products even if the loss should be discarded, so as to avoid unnecessary loss of more and more cost.

4, the price of the product cost: how much is a product cost price?

5, as well as other aspects of the cost, such as water and electricity costs, transportation costs, as well as the transport vehicle depreciation, etc..

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