Finally, get you! Thunder to make money in June 17th to open a limited purchase treasure!

June 17th, Jingdong will be the first time to make an appointment to all users of the product before the opening of the money to buy treasure spot. This means that over the past 16 days the accumulation of nearly 400 thousand users will usher in a high-profile new intelligent hardware, money treasure, the first round of hot grab.

easy to make money to share new ideas detonated user enthusiasm

money treasure recently to ultra high finish and have been repeatedly seckill success at Taobao all the chips created seckill myth, then in June 1st children’s day on Jingdong to open a new round of pre-sale. Reporters on Jingdong’s treasure treasure appointment page to see, as of now, there are more than 380 thousand of users to complete the appointment on the Jingdong.

it is understood that the thunder in the Jingdong in the first round of panic buying in June 17th 10 in the morning on time to open, the mobile terminal can be opened to grab 9:50. Thanks for the user, the thunder will send 100 yuan Beijing coupons for the next single before the 1000 money treasure (June 26th Beijing coupons sent to the user’s account in the award-winning Jingdong). And after the end of the current round of hot looting, will be in the next two days (that is, June 18th and June 19th) at about 10 in the morning (mobile terminal 9:50) were opened two rounds of panic buying, two rounds of money to buy every treasure are sent $50 coupons.

note that only advance user is eligible to participate in the next three consecutive days of panic buying, and make an appointment is temporarily closed in panic buying, so I want to make money panic buying treasure users, need to make an appointment in advance to prepare.

nearly 400 thousand of the number of people to make an appointment to make money treasure Jingdong hot

"400 thousand people grab money treasure, grab the probability of another Beijing yaohao." Mr. Lee, who lives in Beijing said very worried, originally the confidence he was also playing drums: "originally thought the price rose, who can seize the less, who know more of the people."

is not a minority like Mr. lee. No need to replace the router, which is nothing more than a cheap and simple intelligent hardware can not affect the user in the case of normal use, 7*24 hours of idle bandwidth resources in the home to the thunder, and get real benefits, the new idea of the share make treasure won many Internet users support. While most of the families in the broadband in most of the time is in the idle state, it is beneficial to the "money treasure" of the market.

white power users 0 yuan interest free installment purchase

although the price is only 158 yuan, close the thunder still for users provide up to 24 installments of financial solutions, which means that users monthly repayment of less than 7 yuan, and if the user ious payment, can not pay a penny money treasure to buy home.

previously, the media to make money treasure evaluation, under the conditions of the general personal broadband, the user’s monthly income of up to 60-90 yuan. Calculated in accordance with the actual power consumption 4W, less than 1.5 yuan per month of electricity, even in accordance with the maximum power consumption of 12W to calculate the electricity tariff >


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