New ways of hormone economy Spring House how fun the sale mode

Abstract: the hall is not a simple sale mode, reduce the price of the bloody battle, but with its 2 electricity supplier based on the thinking behind, is relying on its capital, consumer and consumer insight into the advantages of the whole industry chain reconstruction Adult supplies.

March 25th, the largest Adult supplies electricity supplier chunshuitang announced the completion of a new round of 80 million yuan financing, this is by far the largest electricity supplier in the field of Adult supplies a financing, more concern is the official release chunshuitang sale mode, in the eyes of spring CEO Lin Degang, this will invest billion yuan to build a model, will lead the industry prices become rational, Chinese detonated a new round of economic.

open the sale first, refused to industry profits

in the eyes of many people, the adult products industry has been a huge industry profits. Product shoddy, arbitrary pricing and multiple layers increases dealers, let these would have been ashamed to try the product, more become a lot of people in the eyes of the high-end consumer goods.

According to Lin Degang

, chunshuitang sale mode is the first industry profits and chaos, which is also the first domestic supplies sale mode, open sale industry precedent. This model relies on chunshuitang strong supply chain system, products from the supply chain to end consumers, and optimize the channel, using operations, procurement scale and other advantages, so the price of the product than the line retail low near 50%-60%, end industry profits, the elimination of sex toys to further universal touch price barrier.

"chunshuitang currently covers more than and 100 well-known brands in the industry of thousands of products, as well as our independent research and development of the Musketeers vibrator and iball intelligent compact dumbbell, able to provide users with the most diverse selection of products." Lin Degang said, "on this basis, we through the sale mode, directly to the industry price cut to less than half, the real Adult supplies industry into the era of meager profit."

then, a mode of sale mode is also upgrading chunshuitang, in recent years, along with,’s successful listing, sale mode was generally optimistic about the industry, but many of the industry is seen as the vertical "life-saving straw". At the beginning of 2015, the domestic maternal sale platform babe network announced the completion of a new round of "high price" financing, more people believe that the correct choice of sale mode is the vertical development of the electricity supplier.

compared to other vertical business platform, chunshuitang and no profit of distress, "we have been in profit, launched the sale mode of the supply chain is more chunshuitang comprehensive optimization results, we have confidence in the safety and quality, to provide the lowest price for consumer industry." Lin Degang said.

detonated a new round of hormonal economy

in recent years, with the development of the Internet, "sexy goddess" and "little meat", "love" and so on, from the visual and auditory stimulation with netizens hormones, and the corresponding heat is not.


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