The domain name industry and eyes (97) CN domain name in 06 years in the aftermath of the earthquake

  [found in the earthquake regret value: CN domain name]

              in this series of quick ending on the evening of December 26, 2006, ready to start Taiwan earthquake struck, and the cable fault, has begun to affect users of the Internet domain name China Chinese (step layout department) to the user: not even the Yahoo mailbox, MSN we cannot use, Alexa curve has not come out, all involved……… GTLD domain name (general category / top-level domain, such as.Com,.Net,.Org) and the gTLD domain name server placed outside the mainland China website, have shown that they Chinese in front of the user "face" see. Therefore Donews Wang Le brother in 2006-12-27 18:45:56 wrote "submarine cable fault" began to affect the China Internet Corporation ( has been disclosed in an article: "a lot of the mainland and overseas website Chinese not visit each other, some sites rely on companies to do business affected." Companies rely on Internet value-added services to make money also affected."

              another author, Chinese station ( editor Ye Xibo in December 27, 2006 14:52 wrote "Taiwan earthquake" caused by network failure "problem" ( 107767.html) in an article that "digression" wrote:

1, to 2, China Netcom COM backbone network, the mirror server 3,.CN analysis of all normal current

            the third topic conclusion is actually to the CN domain name has made a very big advertisement.

              Chinese English [domain name system is always two different types of]
              back again, we introduce China two English domain name system, generic top-level domain name (gTLD) and the countries and regions >


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