Ministry of Agriculture issued a document to promote the development of leisure agriculture to play

China securities network in December 8th from the Ministry of agriculture was informed that the office of the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "notice" to further improve the leisure agriculture and rural tourism promotion work, to further improve the promotion of leisure agriculture and rural tourism promotion, promote the implementation of the leisure agriculture promotion project.

notice of proposed work objectives, leisure agriculture and rural tourism promotion work will be combined with the seasonal characteristics and priorities, focus on holidays, and promote a number of leisure agriculture and rural tourism attractions and fine line to provide society, can see the mountains, see a good place for water, remember nostalgia for urban and rural residents. Based on the electronic commerce website, WeChat, newspapers, magazines and other platforms, to build a stable network, newspapers, magazines, radio promotion channels, consumers buy online and offline consumer demand, the formation of newspaper articles, network topics, broadcast voice pattern, the industry to enhance the economic and social benefits, ensure the effectiveness of the publicity maximum.

notice mentioned, should give full play to the role of e-commerce platform, to provide real-time booking, information search and other services for consumers, for leisure agriculture and rural tourism business entities to provide marketing and internal management, improve service, to solve consumers looking for the leisure place predicament, make up the short board of leisure agriculture and rural tourism operators lack of publicity and promotion platform and tourists.

notice also stressed the need to make good use of new media, increase network publicity. Make full use of WeChat, mobile phone network, client and other new media platforms, play a wide audience, spread fast, interactive features, timely release to the community held various farming festivals, festivals, fairs and other leisure hot contest information, improve the ability to guide the spread influence and public opinion, guide consumer health spending.


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