How to crack the domestic Groupon decline curse

Groupon revealed a broken pot broken fall helpless feeling.

August 6th, Groupon second quarter earnings, Revenue $750 million, an increase of 23% over the same period last year, but after spending, a net loss of $22 million 900 thousand, a loss of $7 million 600 thousand last year. Of course, the first quarter earnings more tragic, a net loss of $81 million 200 thousand.

data allow capital despair, after opening down 17%. Compared with the peak period of the share price of $more than and 30, Groupon price is about $7, the market value has evaporated 3/4.

investigate its essence, the fundamental reason for the decline of Groupon is to buy only a short-term means of promotion. Rather than a complete business model, which can not fundamentally achieve the healthy operation of businesses, platforms, user interests chain.

American investor Joss · Jose Ferreira view is more extreme, he believes the group purchase can not create value, its mode of operation is a "Ponzi scheme", Groupon will die within 5 years.

if Groupon will sigh fading make people produce a watch, then the surviving domestic group purchase websites and how to break the spell


Groupon Fading Essence

from the beginning of 2008, Groupon detonated the concept of buy in the world. With the rise of Groupon, the major domestic Internet Co, entrepreneurs have to follow suit, from the hundred regiments of the rapid expansion of the war to thousands of regiments.

actually, Groupon’s intention is to gather a certain number of users to achieve collective procurement, thereby reducing the purchase price of goods. Of course, more businesses are willing to buy as a marketing rather than revenue means, in other words, buy is actually a kind of advertising, a way to quickly reach the user.

Groupon will benefit from the sale of goods, in the early days in the field of physical buy, Groupon can get sales commission of 30%~40%. A friend who lives in New York said, Groupon initially attracted everyone’s attention is that we are very happy, very cheap to buy a lot of their products do not need.

early, Groupon did not do strict restrictions on the types of businesses, as long as the Groupon meets the needs of extreme low price, you can attract users to achieve a single number, you can line.

Groupon early show even in a very extreme way, in order to reduce the difficulty of the choice of consumers, it is only a single purchase on a daily basis. Of course, this practice was later abandoned, because businesses and users need more locations.

2010, Groupon stood in the teeth of the storm had rejected Google’s $6 billion acquisition. Of course, at the time, it was not


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