Poop sale popular group purchase neglected

morning news (reporter Sun Yu) 899 yuan Nike shoes priced at $199, $500 Adidas sweater only sell 89 yuan…… Recently, poop sale mode became popular business platform, but also is the essence of group purchase site traffic operation of this model is declining, has been left out of the user. According to the group 800 statistics, this year the average proportion of physical class buy is 7.8%, compared to 2012 fell by 6.1%, and in 2011 compared to a decrease of nearly $20%.

in a period of time, because this model favored consumers began to poop sale, following vip.com, Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang, fold 800 and other websites have launched major brands to poop sale channel. However, the same as the poop, low-cost positioning group purchase website is gradually marginalized by the market. Group 800 statistics, in April this year, home life, bags, shoes and other online shopping group turnover was $130 million, accounting for only about 5.5% of the total market.

in group 800 co-founder Hu Chen believes that this is mainly because: on the one hand, compared with the integrated business sale, group purchase sites do not have the advantage in logistics warehousing and category management; secondly, because three years of group purchase website consumers browse habits accumulated, users preferred see on the page are idle away in seeking pleasure single group.


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