Tmall to accelerate the layout of the car to sell the car or the impact of the automotive sales indu

investor news reporter Sun Weitao

Tmall online sales of car layout is accelerating.

Tmall mall in 2012 sold a total of nearly 10 thousand cars. At the end of last year to solve the problem of balance payment POS line, and with the new product optimization and subsequent Tmall car sales model POS launch, sales this year is expected to impact 3 billion." Tmall mall, a public relations officer to the investor news reporter said.

on the other hand, Ali financial credit payment business in April will also be in Hunan and Zhejiang preliminary test the water, although it is only small loans for consumers in the wireless terminal business, but the PR staff of Tmall mall said, "if the user needs, do not rule out the future will go and the financial services and automotive business combination."

Tmall sell car layout accelerate

recently, a car dealer on the "investor" reporter said that since the beginning of this year, Tmall mall in the country frequently and automobile manufacturers and dealers to contact, car manufacturers and dealers can set up shop in the mall.

according to the reporter, there are 10 car manufacturers flagship store currently settled Tmall mall merchants, such as Buick, Chevrolet, SAIC GM GM GM Cadillac, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Citroen, Geely Global Hawk, JAC Yue Yue, BYD, and 5 dealers group, such as Hecheng, Jiaochen, Yuantong, Yongda etc. company. The goal of Tmall mall in 2013 is to increase the flagship car manufacturers to 25.

Tmall mall to get involved in the field of car first started in 2009 SMART car group began, when 11 hours to sell more than and 200. This allows Tmall mall to recognize the needs of their members also have a car, coupled with Tmall’s powerful data mining and marketing capabilities, Tmall hopes to use the automotive sector to expand their market share of the electricity supplier.

but the car is a precious commodity, while China’s electricity supplier development environment is not very mature. After that, Tmall mall began to continue to explore. During the 2012 day, Tmall mall in 400 auto 4S shop free POS, users pay Car Buying deposit on the Internet, to car dealers can POS through the payment, which opened the channel funds.

at the same time, in November last year, sales of online sales also made a hot car. Mercedes Benz B class car was at the mall Tmall exclusive debut limited edition 398, consumers through Alipay to 999 yuan deposit to take pre order right results within three hours sold, the total sales of nearly 150 million yuan. This is equivalent to the level of models in the country’s Mercedes Benz 4S shop sales total.

in the domestic brands, Geely Automobile is the first to start cooperation with Tmall mall. "Last year sold about 1500 cars, the sales volume is equivalent to a line under the 4S shop." Yang Xueliang, director of public relations of Geely, told the investor news reporter: "day"


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