The truth back to space new face unlimited business opportunities in the container

according to iResearch is expected in 2011 China’s domain name mainframe industry revenue scale will be more than 5 billion yuan, the future development of China’s domain name mainframe industry shows great potential. China’s virtual hosting industry will usher in the second spring. The Internet every day to Chinese business opportunities in more than 100 billion yuan, such a huge opportunity is to promote many enterprises, especially large enterprises focus on the development of the network business, the enterprise website and operation quality and storage capacity is more and more high.

information for small and medium enterprises, you can eliminate the distance between the market and expand domestic and international markets. The website is the basis of information.

with the advent of the era of enterprise information, a new model, so that businesses pay more and more attention to enterprise information, which the number of sites to more than 70% of the rate of growth. Let a more rapid development of the Internet. The industry believes that, under the influence of the new economic boom, such as enterprise information, the establishment of the site has been recognized by more and more domestic enterprises, acceptance. However, more and more attention has been paid to how to choose the space. More and more customers focus on the freedom of space.

website space choice is a decisive factor of enterprise website can profit, how to choose the space station is the largest science which, as everyone knows, the content of the website is generally stored in the host space, free web space can make the enterprise more reasonable arrangement and division, but the traditional space, all businesses have a good definition of space, can according to the customer demand to their division of the site space, out of phase space can not be divided again, greatly resulting in a waste of resources, for example, to build a network of 10 stations, to buy some space, not only the price is not cost-effective, but also difficult to manage.

World Internet experts believe that the construction of enterprise information demand, virtual host network based product demand will be strong, this will inevitably lead to the rapid growth of the market, for the IDC industry, the service providers should bring to the change opportunity, also will face a severe challenge, especially in the the technical level of the virtual host, it is put forward higher requirements for each IDC service provider.

The huge profits of

in order to allow customers to better experience to bring information and cater to the major changes in the IDC market, container space launch, by the majority of customers sought, for our customers to support, now on K1, the original space container type K2 configuration for the update, for K1, K2. Send the post office space increased from 250 to 500M, divide the number of mailboxes also increased from 1 to 2. However, the price has not changed, the news came out, immediately got a lot of response, so that customers get a more convenient experience plus no amount of human products.

The development of

information to the IDC service provider has brought tremendous business opportunities, how to grasp these opportunities, is one of the important issues facing IDC service providers. Only grasp the opportunity to lay a solid foundation for the company


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