n the black spider net combined attack of cross-border electricity supplier intends to finance 300

January 23rd, the electricity supplier of steel B2B platform steel net summit of the development of strategic cooperation in Zhengzhou, hundreds of steel trade enterprises from across the country to participate. The summit site, steel net and Henan black spider e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "black spider") signed, the two sides will cooperate in the field of cross-border electricity supplier; in addition, the steel network chairman and CEO Yao Hongchao said in 2016 300 million, financing target.  

steel mesh and black spider signing site

steel network was established in 2009, belonging to the Beijing steel Touchplus information Corp, is a steel electricity supplier B2B platform has been listed, the National SME share transfer system (hereinafter referred to as the "new three"). In 2015, China steel net platform annual volume of more than 24 million tons, online transactions amounted to more than 42 billion 400 million yuan, sales income of more than 8 billion 700 million yuan (including tax), the total annual turnover of more than 51 billion 100 million yuan.

for the new three board listed companies to provide Internet channel services black spider, with more than 3 thousand Internet channel marketing resources. "The signing of cooperation with the Henan black spider e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd, means that the steel mesh taken a solid step in the steel cross-border electricity supplier, has a rich experience in the operation of the black spider in this area will become a steel net in the cross-border electricity supplier best power." The relevant person in charge of steel.

coincidentally, in January 21st, the electricity supplier of steel B2B platform for steel net signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Pudong Silicon Valley bank, the two sides will strengthen in the financial services, financing structure and overseas investment in all aspects of cooperation. Media analysis, steel mesh and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank of Silicon Valley cooperation, in addition to the acquisition of supply chain financial support, will also promote the development of cross-border electricity supplier.

in China’s steel overcapacity in the background, steel net, steel net, steel business has begun to focus on the field of cross-border electricity supplier. Statistics show that in 2015 China’s total exports of steel 112 million 400 thousand tons, the export amount of $62 billion 827 million, exports grew by 19.9%, exports fell by $11.3%. The 2015 annual total steel exports exceeded 1 tons, to ease the Chinese steel market oversupply pressure made distinctions won in battle. Some media reports, such a huge amount of exports, the majority of sales staff by e-mail.


Summit on the same day, Yao Hongchao introduced in 2015 to join the new executive team members, including Ms. Tomomi from cross-border electricity trade B2B platform of Dunhuang network. According to the SEC’s speech, 2016 steel net will set up a professional team, the construction of cross-border electronic business platform.

"black spider and steel net signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the transfer of excess domestic steel production capacity abroad, work together to create a new model of cross-border e-commerce steel." After the signing of the cooperation agreement, Nie Weixian, chairman of the black spider first time in WeChat circle of friends to share.

Yao Hongchao and his executive team are still at the summit


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