Wang Huainan China will be the largest mother and child community trust electricity supplier

if the war continues, at least we have to enter the high-end stage of the Chinese mother and child war."

some people say that he is China’s most gold entrepreneurs. 05 years back has served as a film network CEO, Google Asia CMO, has become a tragic figure award 05 years of internet. 06 years into the choice of faded aura, the road of entrepreneurship, today the baby tree has become one of the largest child community, and get a $300 million investment led financing. CEO Wang Huainan and the baby tree, along the way, the Phoenix Nirvana, what is the story behind the



why choose maternal market?

"the story is the origin of more than 8 years ago, I returned to see a phenomenon, your family and friends, especially those mothers, they most desire is the moment with children in the district and other children’s mother found occasional, commercial today is cold. How to use their familiar way of the Internet to promote the status of parenting in the Internet, which is actually the baby tree such an entrepreneurial project the most primitive concept of obscurity."

around the maternal population, baby tree has four great opportunities, Wang Huainan said, "the baby tree community, excellent communities are set up in the past, the second is the electricity supplier, have a lot of trust in supply chain integration business. But I think there should be two people at the beginning of the file, one is the life of education to assume the file, and the other is a healthy growth of life files. So there are third, education and health, fourth".

how to define their differences?

eight years ago when the baby tree into the child care tool to provide the market, in fact, there are many companies in the provision of a lot of parenting tools.

"from which cut into such an entrepreneurial career before we have been discussed again, if you ask the company leader in baby tree with other vertical areas have what distinction, actually really care about other enterprises or solve is one of the special needs of baby tree is to solve the overall demand of the whole piece of the crowd the."

"parenting is part of the overall needs and part of life. But if you do the car, the car is likely to solve the Internet is to buy a new car, a lot of people selling second-hand cars, or after car service. If you are selling for you will have a variety of online and offline media organizations to achieve the purpose of the transaction, then the content is fleeting, after meet people on the left, the baby tree is not the same, children, parenting, is a process."

breakthrough in where?

Not only occurred in the

shopping shopping shopping also occur in the moment, questioning what products, what products will be selected, also occurred in the Internet all reputation, reputation by others to know and understand their shopping needs, the choice of diversity through their common sense, these choices never confirmed >


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