Mobile nternet dream million color city woman CEO

afternoon, sitting on the rock garden talent Yu Hotel Kunlun corridor large sofa, blue dress of pearl decoration of a soft light.

, who has just returned from Beijing, said the airport was her second home". 3 years, most of the time, if she is not at the airport, on the way to the airport.

in more than 6 hours of Marathon interviews, Hangzhou million color Agel Ecommerce Ltd sweet voice, speech, such as CCTV female anchor general CEO, from time to time to show their partners iPad.


for CEO that huayuhongbo talented lady

These are quite

big fan of the photo, is brimming with the vitality of youth face.

they are business e-commerce platform built in the company’s million million color color city "on the network.

can only huayuhongbo like old friends, without thinking about hundreds of business name, detail in their million color city entrepreneurial story.

she said half jokingly, 000 color city now has more than 10 thousand network operators, hundreds of people familiar with her; there are nearly 10 million online sellers of Taobao, Ma can name perhaps few.

Hua Yu is the friends and customers million mouth of the talented". The overseas talented goal is: one day in the future, and 100 thousand million color network, together to achieve mobile Internet entrepreneurs dream.

rekindle entrepreneurial flame

said that for a while, then gently pat the talented left arm and right shoulder.

in the past 80 hours, she sent 491 emails, a WeChat message, right arm pain almost strike.

on her calendar, the weekend is a business day. Every weekend, she will take the package and go around the training meeting, meeting and front-line entrepreneurs, understand the most fresh market.


seems to get talented, inexhaustible, is unable to avoid the "tragedy of entrepreneurs".

in Hangzhou headquarters and Qingdao branch, she arrived at the office at 9 a.m.. At home in Beijing, she often sits in front of the computer at 7 in the morning, has been working until the afternoon of 6, do not eat or drink. After dinner, she began to see a variety of network operators in WeChat’s net from WeChat group of questions, feedback from the market, understand the current information, until the middle of the night.

long waited in front of the computer and let her cervical spondylosis, accompanied by severe periarthritis of shoulder, a serious decline in vision, to frequent the glasses shop.

2011, if not met million color city founding investor Zhu Haibin, now the talented life will be completely different, comfort and quiet.

from Germany in 2008 after returning to her with the U.S. venture capital fund investment in three companies, led the team competing in the market.


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