Tmall super brand Tmall day to join hands to lead the new trend of science and technology

[Yesky IT news] December 28th, South Korea juice machine brand Tmall super brand, Hui people visit, and to join Tmall electric city established "original science laboratory", "2017 juice machine industry white paper" also released the same period.

day, in addition to Jin Yingqi, chairman and founder of the Hui Hui people, Hui people worldwide CEO gold Zaiyuan health spokesperson Mark attended the press conference, Tmall Group CEO India wells and career home South Korean Consulate General in Shanghai Han Shuoxi also congratulated.

by world-class design master Giugiaro exercises 2017 ultimate Hui new juice machine tool design through Tmall, the world’s first, consumers crazy hand chop. Super super brand day sales reached 55 times daily sales.

science and technology to lead the health, the United States and Tmall jointly set up a juice science laboratory

Since 1974,

has always been committed to the development of people-oriented kitchen appliances, determined to become the world’s necessities". 40 years, Hui people deep in the field of kitchen appliances, from the initial research and development of food, to the original machine now, Hui people continue to carry on the research and development of juicing machine.

therefore, the Hui people by virtue of its many years in the field of kitchen appliances since the accumulation of technology, relying on Alibaba for many years in the user data and the portrait of the precise analysis, leveraging China and South Korea together to create the original nutritionist scientific laboratory, to lead a healthy life concept of consumption, and new products continue to shine in research around the new scenes and new the consumer mentality.

released a white paper industry model, the concept of redefining the concept of

laboratory completed the occasion, Hui people with Tmall also released the white paper industry "2017 model juice machine industry white paper", for the first time, from the original extrusion machine slowly spiral propeller, organic precursor structure, technical principle, different dimensions of fruit and vegetable juice nutrition principle and function function redefined the concept and the development of the juice, juice machine industry standard, changing the long consumers for juicer, juice machine and food machine broken confused phenomenon.

this, Hui people, chairman and founder of the brand and patent Mr. Jin Yingqi said: "as the world’s first low press technology, Hui people have engaged in" beneficial to human "mission, hoping to convey the concept of healthy eating habits to consumers, and the development of production and service quality for juice machine the health of the consumer life, and strive to maximize the use of science and technology to retain the original gift of nature: taste and nutrition".

world class design master a juice machine first day sales were 55 times higher than that of

in Japan

Hui people Tmall brand super day, the world’s first brand new original machine penned by world-class design master Giugiaro personally. The product in addition to the sleek design of streamlined fashion, the more reasonable exhaust structure, even if the use of juice for a long time will also enable the machine to protect the machine


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