Correct Names Twitter Calls It Like It Sees It

first_img Pull on some feet gloves, grab a glass of snowman blood, and relax on the human shelf while learning the “correct names” for socks, water, and sofa.Less than four months old, the Twitter account of the same name describes everyday things as they should be labeled.Eyes, for example, are really just skull windows. And, let’s be honest, snow is nothing more than cloud dandruff. Raw Bacon— Correct Names (@CorrectNames) July 22, 2017 Car Juice— Correct Names (@CorrectNames) June 10, 2017 Elon Musk’s Cheeky ‘Nuke Mars!’ Post Is Taking Over TwitterTwitter Tests Subscribe-to-Replies Feature Bagel Seeds— Correct Names (@CorrectNames) July 11, 2017Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. T-REX Deer— Correct Names (@CorrectNames) June 17, 2017“Correct Names was a page I thought of when I was on holiday with my family at Easter,” Dempsey said.“I was talking to my mum about something, and I couldn’t remember the ‘real’ name of the object I was describing,” he continued. “So I came up with other names for it, and thus @CorrectNames was born.”Most of the tweets “are from my own mind,” according to Dempsey, who receives “a lot of submissions,” only a handful of which get published.“They need to be good as I’m quite OCD with the look of the account,” he added.The Manchurian teenager balances his acting studies at the Academy of Live & Recorded Arts (ALRA) North with work as a content creator for marketing agency Social Chain.All while inventing hilarious, often bizarre descriptions for everything from food and animals to appliances and instruments.center_img Energy Sausage— Correct Names (@CorrectNames) July 26, 2017 Stay on target Prison Pony— Correct Names (@CorrectNames) April 12, 2017 Panda Fish— Correct Names (@CorrectNames) June 5, 2017The account, run by 19-year-old student Mark Dempsey, offers regular suggestions for more appropriate terms: Mirror? More like ego booster/destroyer. (Check out some more of my personal favorites in this post.)@CorrectNames boasts 120,000 followers, including Entertainment Weekly social media editor Alex Steinman, Team Canada rugby player Ray Barkwill, and The Orchid Thief author Susan Orlean. (And, now, me!)“I … receive a lot of messages from people praising the account, which is a nice touch,” the creator told Geek in an email.Dempsey is no stranger to viral social media sensations: He previously contributed to the “put Titanic music on things” trend.last_img


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