Entrepreneurs should not focus on the application of a variety of project funds



first said that music fan my business background, I returned from Europe after 09 years in a Beijing business park opened the company returned. The state to return to study a one-time venture capital to support the start-up capital of 100 thousand yuan, since that time, I would have been fascinated by this white money. Whenever there is any new policy, I always pay attention to it, and spend a lot of time and energy. But so far, no success. In the course of time, I also felt some of the doorways, here to share with me as entrepreneurs, lest we detours.


1 if you are not a master character, do not waste time on project funding.

Although the money

countries, but not much can be given to the point, the country’s big projects, such as: 863, the fund is to create innovative funds such as those who master the preparation. The so-called masters of the characters, is a certain degree of visibility at home and abroad, or hold some key areas of the core technology. If you like me, just an ordinary returned entrepreneurs, as early as possible, don’t waste time.

2 if you don’t have enough cattle technology or products, don’t waste time on project funding.

if you are not a master character, but if your product or technology enough cattle, there is hope to get the project funds. But it is still the sentence, you have to know yourself, before applying for the project, think about your project and technology is enough cattle, do not be too confident.

3 if you don’t have a network, don’t waste time.

The declaration of the

project is actually a bit grey. For example, one day, we received a notice sent to the park to declare capital, project funding is 10 million (notice clear slobber), written, any company, any person, any item can be declared. But take a look at the deadline for submission of information, it is 5:30 pm. There are as many as 15 pieces of information to be prepared. In fact, this is to tell you that it has been decided, you don’t bother.

for example, we have a park inside the psychology of the uncle, carrying several names, they commissioned us to do an online psychological evaluation system, and use the statistical data is known as the Chinese Academy of sciences. But only to find when we took over the system, they are using the statistical data of 90s of the last century, a company that I use this system to do a silly man psychological test, got a score of 5 (out of 100), I estimate that up to now have not stupid man why he got sick fraction. But this is the kind of rubbish, such a waste


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