Smart Trashbox uses Kinect to always catch your garbage

first_imgTired of being terrible at throwing? You know the scenario: you throw something in the direction of the trash can only to have it miss, meaning you actually have to get up to try again or drop it in instead. Japanese modder FRP was tired of missing so created a trash can to catch whatever you throw at it.Impressively, he’s created most of it from scratch, too. First of all he made a base with motorized wheels which is connected to a circuit board for remote control. This base is then attached to the bottom of the waste basket. A hacked Kinect camera monitors the entire room and FRP wrote a program that makes the camera track airborne materials, calculates their trajectory, and moves the basket to where it’s likely to land. The end result is an intelligent bin that more than makes up for a poor aim.Watching the video shows how the modder created every little bit of his Smart Trashbox–he even hooks up a PS3 controller for manually testing the wheeled base. Skipping to around 2:30 shows off the Trashbox’s can catching abilities.The amount of time and effort put into this build is incredible if you consider everything except the Kinect has been put together by FRP. If he wanted to take it a step further, he could map out his room to make the Trashbox aware of its surroundings, stopping it before it hits an obstacle. A side effect of that may be the ability for it to wait for objects to bounce off walls before catching them.via Stufflast_img


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