Chinese students cram while hooked up to an IV

first_imgA number of times during my years of education I found myself having to cram for exams. This usually involved lots of books, lots of junk food, and hours of reading and writing out the information I needed to understand and remember. In China, they seem to have taken the concept of cramming a step further, and maybe a step too far.The images you see above and below are of a high school classroom located somewhere in the Hubei province. Above the majority of student’s heads is an IV-drip which they are hooked up to. According to Mr Xia, director of the Office of Academic Affairs, the drip is supplying amino acids to those students who feel unwell but want to continue to study.The drip is effectively the equivalent of a nutritional supplement, and combined with a 10 yuan subsidy for students taking the Gao Kao National College Entrance Examination, has proved quite popular. That, combined with a need to cram as much as possible, has resulted in the drips being installed in the classrooms rather than just the school’s infirmary in order to save time.Resorting to an IV drip to allow you to keep studying when feeling unwell doesn’t sound like a healthy thing to do to me. But the Gao Kao exam is crucial to gaining a place in higher education in China, so I wouldn’t be surprised if students feel pressured to use the IV and keep working rather than taking a break.The Gao Kao exam tests a number of subjects, with the mandatory ones being Chinese, Mathematics, and English. They occur every year between June 7-9, meaning the cramming and IV drips are being used with a month to go, and will probably continue to be used until the first day of the exams.Read more at Ministry of Tofulast_img


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