Hulu adds face recognition

first_imgIt’s happened to everyone. You’re watching a TV show or movie, you see an actor, and you blurt out “Hey! That’s that guy from…” only to trail off into a stream of umms and errs because you’ve forgotten where the heck you saw his face before. Hulu’s got the solution to our collective woes: built-in facial recognition.The new feature is called Face Match, and you can enable it by clicking the icon in the lower-right corner of the Hulu player as you watch a video. Once it’s turned on, Face Match will kick in whenever you hover your mouse over an actor’s (or actress’) mug. A small pop-up window will tell you things like Dwight Shrute’s real name is Rainn Wilson, and provide his date of birth and a bio snippet from Wikipedia.Face Match doesn’t stop there, however. If the celeb you spot has a Twitter account (like @jimmycarr) or a Facebook profile, Hulu will offer up links so that you can partake in the social media circus. One day in the future it will, anyhow.It’s still in the early stages of development, and Hulu is only offering Face Match on five episodes of a handful of shows at the moment: Glee, Lost, Modern Family, The Office, and Wilfred. As work on Face Match progresses, Hulu will roll out catalog-wide support — as well as the ability to recognize additional famous (or more likely not-so-famous) faces.Who knows? Maybe some day Face Match will make its way to the mobile Hulu apps, too, for a little Google Goggles-style action.More at Hulu, via Cnetlast_img


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