Chinese CN domain name brand value

Chinese brand experts said today, for the localization of Chinese China local enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises, Chinese CN domain name value is closely related to the brand value, is the enterprise in the Internet world Chinese an eye-catching brand advertising signs, the effect of its function is not inferior to the president of the celebrity.

according to a foreign media survey, about eighty-two percent of the companies surveyed believe that the domain name lost than losing the CEO caused more damage, about seventy-two percent of companies believe that an appropriate domain name is more important than the right talent or right office.

insiders said, the Chinese or China enterprises, compared with the English domain, CN domain name Chinese obviously advantages, it is more conducive to the protection of the enterprise network brand consistency; more conducive to enterprise customers and potential customers to memorize; also in favor of enterprises to carry out various types of market promotion and marketing.

due to the English domain name similar to the letter "O" and the number "0", the letter "L" and the number "1" and so on the appearance is very similar, it is easy to cause the user of the enterprise or website cheated. Prior to the fake Lenovo website fraud is the use of lowercase letters L and digital 1 very similar implementation (with 1enovo Lenovo). According to statistics, in the United States two of the past seven years because of similar domain name disguised phishing losses caused by about $three billion and two hundred million, an increase of $two billion and eight hundred million compared to $two $00 for six years, $five hundred million.

It is reported that

China, Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Finance and other state organs at the central and provincial government agencies Chinese CN domain enabled rate of ninety percent; two 00 seven years on the first half of China sales top fifty automobile manufacturing enterprise Chinese CN domain enabled rate more than sixty-two point five percent, while some enterprises will be Chinese CN domain name as the carrier of Internet brand. The enterprise has been into the brand building and marketing strategy system.

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