The dog Net Pet consumption within ten years will sweep the country

With the increase of

changes, the traditional family structure work pressure, interpersonal relationship gradually fade, make more and more people will love to pets, relationship between human and their pets, will with the passage of time and the increasingly strong. In Chinese, more and more people keep pets, currently Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Wuhan are Chinese recognized as five "pet city", there are at least 100 million China pet (bar), and the next ten years, the number of China pets will appear explosive growth.

with the increase in the number of pets, pet economy around a series of related industry, pet social networking sites is just unfolding, pet hospitals, pet stores, pet beauty school, pet insurance, pet funeral also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain continue to emerge, the thriving pet economy accelerates the whole industry chain of comprehensive improvement and upgrading. To this end, the reporter has interviewed Zhou Handong of president of the network dog.

With the help of

product differentiation

catch up from behind

as a leader in the social networking site of domestic pet dog, now the number of registered users reached 2 million, daily visits million times, daily posted total of more than 2300, the total number of more than 60000 daily replies. With rich professional knowledge, relaxed atmosphere and unique content, the dog has become the most visited network, the number of registered members, the most popular pet industry website.

dog network was established in April 2005, formerly known as Gou Baobao. Then with pet themed website under 100, common practice of these sites is free to attract members, for members to provide pet supplies purchase, topic exchanges and other activities, such as gather enough popularity, attract advertising, which makes a lot of pet site is filled with all kinds of advertising, exhibition space and pets the less. "We are not the first pet website, to a later, it is important to find the difference of the product, our goal is to establish a" dog’s paradise ", to create a pure platform for each dog lovers." Zhou Handong said.

is relying on differentiated positioning and service dog network in just a few years from hundreds of pet sites become the pet industry leader in talent shows itself.

"we are the first to the online and offline club, professional association of pet website, is also the first line Club pet website, is also the first to get involved in overseas club pet dog station, at present network line clubs throughout the country more than and 80 City, there are more than and 300 party activities every year." Zhou Handong said proudly.

teamed up to create a new era of pet consumption



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