You want to double under the acquisition line peer Mcglaughlin expansion shop

online shopping has become a mainstream consumer channels, e-commerce companies began to do homework to seek listing. The main products of paroxetine in infants and pregnant online shopping channels and physical stores sales of walking on two legs at the same time, the beginning of this year to speed up the entity store expansion through mergers and acquisitions, which is seeking listing of Mcglaughlin the rapid expansion of the physical channel agree without prior without previous consultation.

provided the acquisition by the entity stores "fattening"

yesterday, the news from Qingdao, the famous Beijing music company Yunying professional network operators swallow a local pregnant baby brand chain of 13 stores. In fact, the Qingdao market is a corner store Leyou iceberg, reporters from the country was informed that it has been integrated with Beijing, Qingdao, Langfang three local maternal chain enterprises, the number of stores reached more than 100 entities.


chief operating officer Gong Dingyu said earlier, you will enter the 2-3 level in the city this year, the number of chain stores in the last year based on 80 doubled. It is understood that the current trial entity store sales have accounted for about 70% of total sales.

The background of

is its fast friends take cities and seize territory is planning a listing on nasdaq. Friends of music company in 1999 at the beginning of the founding is mainly the online sales of infants and young children’s products, after a period of time after the trough, in 2004 opened the first store music, then involved in the catalog sales mode. Compararive chairman Hu Chao believes that the easy standardization, brand of products, very suitable for the directory and sales network (such as milk and diapers and clothing, toys, etc.), the lathe is more suitable for sale through physical stores.

Mcglaughlin plans to open 500 stores a year

and fast "agree without prior without previous consultation you have gained entity" strategy, listed on the agenda of Mcglaughlin, since last year, pay more attention to the entity store expansion.

as a catalog sales business developed, Mcglaughlin in the online sales promotion at the same time, the physical stores as the main direction of the investment plan from the beginning of last year, two to three years to open nearly 2000 stores, the average number of stores will be more than 500, while the number of Mcglaughlin at present to more than and 400 stores. It is reported that, at present in Beijing first-tier cities, Mcglaughlin is rapidly layout through direct marketing, join combination.

addition to the expansion of the physical network, Mcglaughlin also with the platform to integrate supply chain. According to the latest news, Mcglaughlin will expand the scope of cooperation with the brand, to further build the online department store platform Mcglaughlin.

e-businessmen line expansion plan "

listed exams"

for large network operators appear involved in physical stores move, Beijing Commercial Economic Association Secretary General Lai Yang said, online sales, catalog sales to the real sales, overall retail sales platform. After the development of e-commerce enterprises to a certain scale, customized products will become increasingly high, these products need to have a physical store display platform to promote better development of online sales. To a certain extent, net >


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