n fresh retail it still desperate to solve these three major pain points

[editor’s note] two years ago, fresh electricity supplier continued attention, as the last piece of blue ocean electricity supplier. A large number of entrepreneurs and traditional fresh retailers are involved. The second half of last year, the capital of the cooling field suddenly sounded the alarm industry development path: maybe most of the fresh electricity providers are wrong, the field may become the meat grinder of entrepreneurial projects.

but insiders believe that fresh electricity may not be the leading actor on the stage is not The whole army was wiped out., but started from the Internet, no line of fresh foundation project. "The real game player should be fresh traditional retailers, they have accumulated abundant resources and experience in the long-term operation, but also has no N great pain to solve, and the tide of electronic commerce, it is this batch of traditional retailers fresh release potential opportunities."

to understand what the traditional fresh pain in today’s huge retailers, and electronic commerce will likely release potential, billion state power network connection of the retail information solutions provider of Han Shuo technology, fresh electricity supplier solutions provider and a number of senior teachers tune fruit fresh industry.

It is reported that

, Han Shuo technology main electronic tag business, and the construction of the retail IT system contains many modules behind the hardware. While adjusting the fruit juice shop open from O2O started, also try to open the line to make a transition after fruit shop, fruit shop alliance, to provide solutions to solve the electricity supplier line and upper fruit fruit store brands.

chain fresh pain: the shop is too difficult regulatory

deputy general manager Feng Yunliang Han Shuo technology to billion state power network said that as early as six or seven years ago, Han Shuo technology will determine the future, fresh store will be more close to the people, that is to go deep into the community. 100 square meters is the best area of the store, but the guarantee must be a chain format, and has a sufficiently dense distribution, cold chain logistics, background system, supply chain problems must be solved. "This chain of fresh stores will have great room for development."

However, this format

want to upgrade, outbreak, to break the problem of how to manage hundreds or even more small and medium-sized chain store. After solving this problem can enhance the overall operation level and service level of fresh chain stores, it is possible to effectively hit the line, the line to get through.

but compared with the other category of fresh goods to maintain the freshness and quality, often within a day, a few times price promotions, these stores and fresh food chain is difficult to quickly adjust the price, it is difficult to keep the line net and price synchronization. Feng Yunliang introduced in the traditional fresh chain stores, the price of fresh goods requires manual replacement, and the number of its stores are also difficult to achieve effective supervision. With a few ten thousand square meters of shops, not more than 500 square meters of shops more difficult to control the 50."

about this pain point, said Feng Yunliang, an application of RFID technology is mainly the product of Han Shuo is fresh retail. Because fresh products are sold


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