Dangdang net content of a network of B2C to grab the scale of the battle to upgrade

DoNews October 27th news 27, according to DoNews users broke the news, dangdang.com after Jingdong, suning.com mall shield Amoy network content grab, this Dangdang and a cat did not comment.


is currently logged on dangdang.com, visit http://s.dangdang.com/robots.txt, User-agent: / EtaoSpider Disallow: "code" has been added to the page code, means that dangdang.com has screening out network content capture.

recently, Liu Qiangdong micro-blog in the unnamed shelled out without permission to crawl the site commodity evaluation content, Jingdong through technical means to shield the mall and a scouring network content capture. At that time, analysts said the move or to prevent Jingdong to study its data. Suning.com general manager Li Bin said the choice of shielding is mainly due to a Tao network comparison of the object is not the same type of competition, followed by a scouring network is not fully grasp, impartiality doubtful.

According to the Jingdong

mall, suning.com have screening out network search content capture, well-known IT commentator Hong Bo analysis said, "do a whole network shopping entrance" strategy is the Ali group to prevent other B2C platform independent B2C site, Taobao’s market share and erosion of the "defensive" brand, but it is clear to the its competitors brought no small pressure. (end)


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