Car home CEO Qin cause price transparency is the trend of the development of automotive electricity

[Abstract] according to Qin induced introduction, the double 11 include three levels, one is the price, the two is to achieve multi screen selling cars, the three is to achieve personalized recommendation by big data.

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on October 24th

began in 2014, the first step in the development of the automotive electricity supplier into the first year, car manufacturers, distributors, vertical sites and other traditional electricity providers have joined the car electricity supplier market continues to heat up. The normalization has gradually become a platform for the common pursuit of electricity supplier business. Turning to the realization of automotive electricity supplier normalization, price transparency is bound to be the first step.

recently announced the opening of the 2015 car home, "double 11 crazy Car Buying Festival", unlike in previous years, the car home this year launched a large-scale source of car price.

car home CEO Qin told Tencent technology interview, said the hope to allow consumers to buy a car through a transparent, reasonable price, and said the price transparency will be the future development trend of automotive electricity supplier. "The competition between enterprises can be done through the service, not the price difference, the price difference will lead to a lot of dissatisfaction."

According to the introduction by

Qin, double 11 mainly includes three aspects, one is the price, the two is to achieve multi screen selling cars, the three is to achieve personalized recommendation by big data.

in fact, during the last 11 years, the car’s home had launched a full car. However, the current electricity supplier in the car to test the water, the completion of the online inquiry process and pay a deposit, the line to raise the car to pay the tail is a relatively common practice. U.S. automotive electronic business platform truecar is basically the use of this model. Qin said the whole Car Buying line to, need to pay high fees at the end of Alipay, in August this year the state of network payment limit of more stringent regulation line.

so this car home with price as the main sales mode of double 11: consumers still see on the Internet is a price model, online payment of the deposit, the line in the car home stationed in various 4S stores carry the vehicle the staff card pay the full amount, put the car in full accordance with the online price.

Qin cause also said that this year the price of car source some get exclusive online sales right products, such as the Peugeot 408 glory version, Tiggo 5 1.5T, four cars Ssangyong, somewhat similar to the self.

car home this year and in Hunan radio’s Happigo and Hunan, cooperation, synchronous dual 11 day selling cars in the car home and formed a double three screen interactive home court, PC, mobile phone and TV, car home PC+ mobile phone resources, Happigo is out of resources to do the TV shopping special sale car.

data, because of the accumulation of the previous two years, this year, the car will appear on the home of 11 double personalized recommendation based on the user portrait of the past, to achieve precision marketing.

relatively speaking, the car is a complex


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