Small talk about local portal promotion

1. Internet cafes promotion: Internet cafes for the main site of Zhuji users access. So for the promotion of Internet cafes is relatively important. Mouse pad with a through free delivery. And introduces the disposable cup and other items.
and Internet cafe owners to negotiate the purchase of computer Internet browser home page. This can get a relatively fixed site traffic. The open price is one yuan per month for each computer. As a result, a 100 computer Internet cafes, the company needs to spend $1200 per year advertising costs, but at least will bring the amount of visits of 120 thousand people, that is, each show fee of less than 1 points. The company is the real harvest rapidly increasing traffic and visibility, and for Internet cafe operators, an extra income such as they are willing to accept
note: the extension of two applies equally to the rural and city residents.
2. traditional media promotion: including TV and bulletin boards. This promotion costs higher, the site can not be considered early.
3. flyers advertising: advertising can be posted in the main junction of rural communities in urban areas. In addition, we can also get the user name and address of the rural broadband access through consultation with the telecommunications.
4. activities promotion: can hold interactive activities to promote. For example: free computer knowledge quiz free software troubleshooting. Other large-scale activities, based on cost considerations, can not be considered early.
5.: This is one of the commonly used free delivery extension method, due to cost considerations, goods can be the mouse pad, the mouse foot stick, and the music video software free cd. These items are lower in cost and related to computers.
6. acquaintances promotion: relatives and friends to know the students, you can tell them and let them tell each other. Limited range, but can play a role.
7. for urban and rural home users to promote, you can learn from the free CD-ROM and mouse pad, etc., to replace the home page binding.
8. public facilities: including public toilet trash wire dry
9. and print media cooperation, exchange advertising. Can be considered and print media cooperation, print media advertising can do the site’s advertising position. The benefits of doing so is two, a print media at the time of sale will certainly recommend your station,
the promotion hype can through the Internet or through traditional means of speculation, to attract media coverage. Enhance website visibility and popularity. As long as the appropriate method can be achieved in a short period of time. The following is a method that can be considered:
1. computer network knowledge contest held by the media cooperation, the cost can be sponsored by computers and related businesses.
2. public welfare activities. Free network knowledge solutions, computer failure problem solving. And pay attention to the elderly, children and other public welfare


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