Renren involved in e-commerce, everyone loves to buy has been quietly on the line

December 24th morning news, internal mail display, and Taobao, Jingdong, UNIQLO online store to launch the shopping channel " everyone loves to buy " ( has been quietly on the line. Renren is to explore the following brand advertising, social games are divided into third profit models.

this Monday, some employees Qianxiang interactive group received an internal e-mail notification, participate in " everyone love to buy online ". Mail information display, " everyone loves to buy " URL is, the current address has not yet appeared on the entrance of the Internet, but the outside world can be accessed directly. Renren propaganda official told the NetEase science and technology, everyone loves to buy after the internal test, a few days will be officially released.

NetEase editors try " everyone loves to buy " after the discovery, it is a shopping channel and professional shopping website launch, the existing partners include two categories, the first category is professional shopping platform, such as Taobao, Jingdong, Newegg, Lusen digital mall, Huha network, Pu school network, good music to buy, the second is some brand online mall, such as DELL, Lancome’s online mall, online shopping mall etc..

everyone love to buy all the goods will be set on one page, classification, and related recommendations, when users click on a product, it will open a address, quickly jump to the shopping website. For example, you see a camera, click on the jump after the digital, you see a set of cosmetics, open will jump to the Lancome online shopping mall.

industry analysts believe that the launch of the consumer network on the one hand will enrich the user experience, on the other hand is also a new profit model attempt.

it is not clear that Renren and shopping website cooperation model. Industry analysts believe that the greatest possibility of income sharing, that is, in accordance with the actual sales to be divided into, this kind of Internet advertising is referred to as sales paid (CPS). However, people love to buy CPS ads and at least one obviously different, that is the in the use of the user scale of its advantages, cooperation and brand manufacturers do some promotions, such as everyone in the purchase of DELL computer can be lower than the market price of 10%, can receive 100 yuan gift certificates, but also get the value of 120 yuan the 1 VIP membership service account.

Renren is currently the main profit model for brand advertising and social gaming revenue sharing. Qianxiang interactive group chairman and CEO Chen Yizhou recently told the NetEase of science and technology, the advertising income of nearly 200 million yuan, social gaming monthly income of million yuan in the level ( can be divided to less than half of them).

Renren network was founded in 2005, in August this year, officially changed its name to renren. Official announcement


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