Review of news of the week skyline community should appear on the market Xi Xi Xi Xi The 58 city mer

1 porn sites in the end how much stronger than Alibaba traffic is also big!  

people living in the Internet world, have more or less visited in many countries still controlled pornographic sites. It is difficult for us to gain insight into the development of such sites, because the exact data are few and far between. To be sure, there is no shortage of pornographic web sites. Facts have proved that the speculation is correct, because according to Google’s advertising service provider Doubleclick data show that the number of independent visits in the top 500 sites, but there are a number of is an adult website!

There are 4 billion 400 million visits to

the world’s largest pornographic website Xvideos per month, this figure is 3 times the CNN website or visit the special broadcast sports television network ESPN 24 hours, 2 times the social news site Reddit. YouPorn, Tube8 and Pornhub of these large porn sites, the visitors can also make in addition to Google and Facebook and other large web sites are small inferior by comparison.

2 net exposure Tianya community public transfer manual traditional BBS has fallen

with the rapid expansion of micro-blog, WeChat and other mobile social media, the traditional BBS has gradually declined. Now, even the domestic popular "Tianya community" is not in this trend.

latest news, micro-blog users @ ghost text just broke the news, Tianya suspected is seeking to transfer, the post comes with a photo, which shows a release by the end of the world community network science and technology limited company of "public transfer instructions".

at present, Tianya community official has not made any clarification on this, has not yet released any information involving the transfer.

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net exposure Tianya community "public transfer manual" traditional BBS has fallen  

skyline to be listed three new board: even the loss of two years to seek to reduce the risk of debt repayment  

Tianya community want to log in the new three board financing: 16 years to maintain the community’s final transformation  

business for 16 years, you finally launched  


forgotten Tianya community finally to the market, and so on for 16 years, there will be buyers,  

skyline community where is the problem? Advertising, mobile  , power moderator slow start;

3 May

Ali opened a ticket: 23 letter logistics speculation is repaying the Tmall business  

news May 4th, Alibaba recently opened the first group in May with the first batch of 23 letter ticket, Tmall business has been verified in the "logistics brush", according to Tmall.


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