The Ministry of Public Security Bureau Network Security clean up manufacturing and selling false inf

Ministry of Public Security Bureau network security, from now until the end of January next year, to carry out centralized clean-up remediation special action illegal trafficking of false information online in a unified national organization, focus on cleaning up the auction site, e-commerce site, supply and demand information release website and provide forums, blog service sites and search engines, according to manufacturing and selling false fake diplomas false documents and other illegal information.

it is understood that the current use of the Internet and mobile phone short message communication business information flooding all kinds of false documents, seriously disrupting the order of social administration, social harm of honesty and fairness, the masses reflect strongly. During the operation, the public security organs will focus on strengthening the websites, forums, search engines and access service units of supervision and inspection of safety responsibility management system and measures to implement the service units in the deadline for rectification of illegal information, prominent, repeated repeated modification of Web site, the public security organs will resolutely investigate and punish, and public exposure through the news media.

for the convenience of the masses online reporting of illegal crime clues, the public security organs in the key sites, forums and chat rooms set up alarm booth, 24 hours to accept masses online reporting. Report website URL:


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