Domain names are no longer as important as 7 reasons

for a long time, most marketers believe that having a good domain name is a prerequisite for success on the web (usually.Com domain name). If you don’t have a good domain name, no one can find your site, remember your campaign, or let them visit your web page. Domain names have been worth a few million dollars, and may even change the name of the company in order to get a usable domain name.

to some extent, this is still true. As a marketing person, of course, I will advocate the importance of a good domain name, and I would suggest that my customers must choose a good domain name. However, this is not necessarily. In fact, many sites do not have a good domain name has also been successful. In the search for an ideal domain, it should be recognized that several factors have greatly reduced the importance of domain name:

1, short links (short URL) – in social media, especially on twitter, Sina, micro-blog, and, such as short link service makes the actual URL becomes almost meaningless. They cover up the real URL and turn it into a shorter version.

2, social media pages, now we see more and more brands through them in the social networking site Facebook is connected with the target consumer, such as and, rather than the brand’s official website home page. When people visit a social networking site directly, they do not affect your impression of your site or web site, this phenomenon has become increasingly common

3, creative spelling – and many popular websites, the domain name will not take the unusual way, or rewrite the commonly used words, or coinage, leads to a so-called "creative spelling" trend, as we are familiar with Google, Flickr, twitter. Compared with the past, now there are more free creative space allows you to create a unique domain name. For example, the number of Interactive English domain name socmass, meaning take social media and mass media composite words.

4, consumers are becoming more mature – now in addition to the.Com domain name, consumers are more familiar with the domain name of other suffixes, such as the domestic.Cn domain name is favored by more and more people. If your site is a.Org,.Edu,.Net or.Cn suffix, consumers can remember, and assume that it is part of the url.

5, the power of search – search engine algorithms continue to progress, even if consumers remember only part of your name, they can easily find you. Of course, a good domain name is conducive to search, but there are many other ways to optimize the search, not entirely depends on your domain name.

6, the rise of network marketing – more and more marketing costs transferred to the network, but also to reduce the importance of domain names. If the domain name is written on the billboard, the customer is 80>


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