One week news review WeChat launched CATONG Fab five will pick out the nternet WeChat Alipay

1 P2P shuffle or will continue to finance does not represent the advent of spring

January 13th news, in 2013 can be described as the collapse of P2P, the foot of the year. The beginning of this year, P2P industry ushered in the largest single round of financing, everyone ish group disclosed A round of financing has been completed by the end of 2013, loved the letter capital lead investor, the investment amounted to $130 million. This also makes a lot of practitioners have been greatly encouraged! P2P industry is ushered in the spring it?

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2 pea pods financing $120 million application channels into the oligarchs era

January 14 news yesterday, pea pods announced a new round of investment was $120 million, this round of investment from Softbank group (Softbank Corp.) led, pea pods A DCM round of investment institutions and innovation works development fund (IWDF) and other investment institutions to participate in. This is the last year, China’s Internet industry, the largest non merger financing, equivalent to the size of the financing of China Internet Corporation in 2013 listed.

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3 PPTV Suning to join the domestic market growth space into a test

news January 15th, No. 3 this month, Su ningyun announced the acquisition of PPTV transactions have been filed by the relevant government departments Chinese. PPTV related parties have now completed the transfer of the relevant equity transfer procedures and the completion of the issuance of equity to its management.

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