Exclusive secret 20 AAA class digital domain name

renamed China (eName.cn) November 5th news, yesterday, the domain name 222.com was traced to a domain name to Fujian chiefs of up to 5 million 300 thousand yuan purchase price, and the domain name in 5 years ago the price of only 300 thousand yuan. A message, m friends shocked, let us once again focus on 222.com like AAA class digital domain such as current situation, now we have to count a total of 20 AAA class digital.COM domain and.CN domain.


diagram: 20 AAA class digital domain name list

666.com: 66: million

number "6" has been as auspicious and much people love, whether it is mobile phone number or number wants to take a "6", "6" therefore containing domain names by domain name investors, not to mention containing 3 to 6 666.com, the domain name more than similar domain match.

2010, the owners of the house CEO Yao Jianjun through Chinese renamed for $300 thousand, about 2 million yuan price down 666.com. At that time, 666.com had to jump to the home station website chinaz.com, the holder of information also showed Yao Jianjun, but now the holder of information is hidden, the domain name has not been enabled, don’t know whether the domain is privately traded.

999.com:100 doesn’t mind

million dollars

April 2012, the domain name 999.com is the main Conghua gangster tired then, low-key purchase, for general manager Roman Tam was tired from the hand of high prices will take the domain name, and set up the "999 navigation website in the same year enabled domain name".

999.com in addition to the superposition of digital domain names, 3 of the 9 meaning long long also let the domain value doubled. Although the two transaction price has not been disclosed, but the LORD was tired after the acquisition, said, this is the acquisition of one of the most expensive domain, and the domain name to the hands of Roman Tam, some people have said the acquisition will, even once the price above $1 million, but did not see Roman Tam. Visible 999.com value is not cheap.

in addition to the two high hands.COM digital AAA domain, a "I’m online site navigation" option three "000.com 0", three "444.com 4" was sold for $about one hundred thousand, a Gambling company now hands, and has also been enabled. Built for the gambling sites and three "7" 777.com. 555.com is a foreign company hand.

333.cn:6 changed


sold the 999.com, big brother tired after a few months after the special


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