2016 ten most influential network red you know a few

in 2016, China’s rapidly growing popularity of the concept of red network, each network red after another, a variety of red characters on the network continues to occupy the headlines, brush burst circle of friends. 2016 ten big net red, you know a few?

1, Donald ·

Donald · was elected president of the United States

with the dispute; Trump, is this year best red net fully deserve. To know the world’s attention behind the U.S. presidential election, is a network marketing war. Trump during the campaign he actually died over the dull remarks, in manufacturing topics. On the social network, the circle of powder constantly, if the number of times in the social media mentioned Trump converted into money he got free advertising effectiveness so far has been up to about $2 billion.


2, Fu Yuanhui

Rio Olympic Games, a group of "the power" expression package maxed out my circle of friends, and quickly became the focus of media attention. This group of expression package from China women’s swimming team at the age of 20 young Fu Yuanhui. After the media discovered the deep 90, has always been stunned, do not follow the routine the cards. Presumably this is also the main reason for the circle was a fan of



3, Papi sauce

2016 for Papi sauce, is Rainbow Night. From 12 million, the investment valuation of 120 million yuan, to 22 million yuan price of the advertisement to the rapid decline in the heat and the logic of thinking of divestment, more than 7 months, Papi sauce is like a roller coaster ride, red fast, too fast to breathe. Xiaobian want to say, red net Changhong Road is not smooth, speculation should be cautious, please speak with content.




2004 China first show "my show", a singer Joker not unknown, ten years later, he would use the hand piece, red net identity again burst of red. In 2016, Joker has even become a variety show in the model workers, and even became his obsession. You know, he usually accumulated in micro-blog’s original piece, has accumulated a lot of popularity for him, and he used his red net economic circle of countless powder.


5, a strong "hammer" the head of Luo Yonghao

at the beginning of this year, the hammer was disclosed only 200 thousand yuan of net assets. For a time, "the hammer" Luo Yonghao head shaking reversal became the subject of jokes. Even associated with feelings, artisan spirit and idealism have become the object of ridicule. If it is a general technology startups, suffered a hammer dilemma, seems to be the most reasonable result but also put up the shutters, hammer here >


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