llustrated website promotion planning a hype

hype object website: bosha.cn Bo silly hype network

is an object of speculation behavior: a lot of Song Zude reprint articles, note: the person is recognized at madman entertainment.

inspired: Song Zude company website has been black, and comments on the abuses of the corn Jude fierce…


topic called corn can be understood to intimidate Song Zude behavior or the company’s website was hacked (Figure) www.bosha.cn Bo silly hype platform

subtitle called "sina.com.cn security is good!" "Corn" sincere "……………… find black corn are accidentally to the station website – funny!



picturesMaking screenshots part




  www.bosha.cn Bo silly hype platform

need two QQ number, I think the webmaster have more than two bar..


content of the article: roughly divided into two categories, one is to scold, scold corn are ignorance and naive, another is holding, commitment and corn together to attack song



the soft text production time: 25 minutes



execution time: with the excitement and effect of Internet users to adjust



scalability: is not strong, only temporarily Bo silly network hype.    

browse more soft Wen writing skills to Bo silly hype platform www.bosha.cn

  www.bosha.cn Bo silly hype platform


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