Do not say no investment is not creative how to learn how to do micro-blog drops travel

May, travel drops announced $1 billion investment from apple, in one fell swoop by the single largest investment record drops travel in the forefront of major topics list again.

at the same time, in the last week Xinbang and micro-blog jointly issued the April micro-blog administrative micro-blog list @ drops travel as drops its officers, ranking rose 52, has reached the top ten, beyond the @ millet mobile phone and @vivo mobile phone, smart @ Alipay and other popular administrative micro-blog, ranked sixth, and help drops hold the top ten brand position.


in the April, @ drops travel account administrative micro-blog reflects the amazing interactive rate, and fan interaction interaction, and other brands of administrative micro-blog are significantly more active in April, launched the "business partner drops travel plan, recruit 100 thousand owners; launched the" treasure plan "to solve, parents send their children under the problem, in addition, the most important is that in April, officially announced the travel drops out of the country, launched in the United States, around this event, micro-blog moves frequently travel in the end drops.

can be found through the micro index, "search trend drops" appears several times throughout the peak in April, in the last three months was significantly higher degree of concern.



line in the United States in the event of drops, drops with Lenovo, 58 city, Betta, Sohu, U.S. 20 brands, micro-blog jointly issued posters in the end, great in strength and impetus.


# micro-blog launched

topic drops travel around the United States are not afraid of #, to obtain a total of more than 300 million reading, 29 thousand discussion.


in addition, the drops also found Hollywood socialite Pris · Hilton, the famous American hip-hop singer Florida and other American stars to help out, to further expand the influence.


drops travel in planning the marketing event of this scale, speed up administrative micro-blog position, as a high frequency of use App drops on micro-blog run trip full of sound and colour completely lost, other Internet companies, the new contact list @ drops travel editor at micro-blog, @ micro-blog business travel drops what are the lessons.

– – –

interview: micro-blog fancy is quality, not quantity

new list: drops travel micro-blog fans have about 1300000, in the official micro enterprises, fans relatively high activity, you have any successful experience?

drops: haha, actually not very successful. First of all, the personification of operation is positive, there will be a cordial feeling, then


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